A Toast: To 400 followers (THANKYOU)

You better believe I am doing it every 100 or so because fuck, guys – I am just some dorky dark guy from Australia, who admittedly didn’t think much of himself. I never expected to touch so many lives.

And yet, here I am. Here we are.

Group hug?

But seriously, thank you.For what it’s worth, thank you. For support, kind words, and for coming out of your shell to talk to me.

And should there be anyone lurking my pages and wanting to talk but can’t find the words? Please email me, even if it’s what you perceive to be a mess of words. Because you don’t get it, if I can just help you, even if its a slither of help, then it’s made my day. Because it’s why I leave this blog open. YOU’RE the reason. So never feel out of place.

I’ve been busy as all hell lately but my semester is finishing soon and that means, a lot more time to lurk your pages and write more for whoever’s reading. So be prepared. It might possibly be dark.




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