And when she notices me, I’m startled. 

And I’m startled because she’s undressing in front of a window in the first place.

And I’m startled because she is staying still when she notices me, hands still clasping the bra that hangs around her hands.

There is something in that smile – something dark and disturbing. It’s calling me to her. It’s too sweet to be true, this smile. 

And her eyes, they seem to be too gentle to be accepting of a person watching. 

And when she slinks out of her panties, like a cat stretching, I can’t help but stare at the small patch of hair on her cunt. 

My heart raises as her hands, now free, run up to her breasts. 

And she still stands, her eyes never leaving me, her mouth never ceasing the smile. The stepford wives smile. 

And when her bedroom light goes out, plunging her world to darkness, it makes me jump so hard that I fall back onto my bed. 

And when she appears before me, in my own room, naked and smiling, her hand red as she grips her bosom, I scream. 


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