The Senses of a Daddy



Do you ever just look at someone, maybe in your Facebook list of friends, maybe overheard in a restaurant, maybe even a family member, and think that you feel something within them that you felt as you began your journey?

Sometimes I sense that.

If homosexual (and hetero) people alike have this thing called Gaydar (admittedly useful and something I feel too) that goes off once in a while, can we assume that such a thing exists as BDSM Radar?

Terrible name, I know. It’s not catchy, it just falls off the tongue,  stumbling much like my adolescent self did trying to impress a lady. But I feel that such a thing exists.

And it’s not that I spend my plaza shopping staring at a lady, drooling and thinking “Yes, she likes this concept”, it comes through an encounter, body language, dialogue – it’s almost supernatural.

Men I have a tougher time reading. You’d think that’d be pretty simple. Maybe they hide it better? Maybe they aren’t as in tune with their emotions as some lades are? Who knows? Not me.

You’d think you could sense a Dominant personality and sometimes I can.

To be honest I haven’t flexed my muscles regarding reading men. So I am out of practice.

On the other hand, I sometimes get a sensation when around certain ladies. And within interacting with them, I can feel something. The biggest thing I recognise is a baby girl presence. Maybe it’s the Daddy in me, maybe it’s as simple as the fact that I’ve done a lot of research, talked to a lot of people in my time of learning. But I always get this thought that lingers.

I usually boil it down to me being silly, or a pervert. That’s the ol’ catholic guilt happening.

I mean, I’m not fantasising about the women I have a sense on, I just get this sense within myself, like the weird need to help and/or nurture in a friendly chat.

But then, maybe that isn’t BDSM Radar. Maybe that’s just me, wanting to help in any way I can. I mean, if being Daddy is part of my persona, then it stands to reason that helping people is in my biological make up.

In any case, sometimes I get a sense of what may be hiding behind someone’s eyes. Am I wrong? There’s always room for error with a thing like this. Hell, I could be mistaken. But whatever the feeling I get, it’s strong and fills me with an urge to comfort.


10 thoughts on “The Senses of a Daddy

  1. Master sensed my submission long before i did and finds it easily in others too. Part is being intuitive, the rest is keen observation and active listening. Great post! 💜

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  2. I’m not trying to nitpick or anything and I like this post and all, but it seems like your saying that girls can only be submissive and men are just dominant. I don’t know if that’s just what I was getting from it and not what you were saying at all, but hey…


    1. I’m not saying that at all, miss. This was purely about what *I* pick up. I certainly can sense Dominant women and submissive men. But since I primarily sense submissive women and the like, I thought that would be the primary focus. Sorry if it seemed like I was excluding anyone, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I suppose an interesting question would be why you thought of that. If you’d like to chat, my email is always open 🙂


  3. Oh, I get this too. My brother and his wife….. there is some D/s going on there. I can say that it’s because she defers to him, or that a friend wrote the pronouns in a FB message to him in capital letters. But it is more. It is a sense… a quiet inside both of them when theybare together or apart. Let’s just say… I’d love to be a fly on their wall


  4. I think littles, like me, are pretty easy to spot. I think I scream ‘little’ to be honest!
    I do often look at people and get a vibe about them so I think you’re onto something here. Perhaps we see some subtle cues that people who aren’t aware of or into BDSM miss?

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  5. I have felt BDSM radar before, and have written here about it.
    Twice that I remember, I’ve met a Dominant and known before they spoke a word to me. My guard is up when I sense it, usually. As I have a Master, but that doesn’t usually seem to matter. I’ve been meaning to write about that too lol


  6. I think we can have bdsm radar or D/s radar, definitely. It seems you are a true dominant. As such you can almost smell out submissive women. Their energy attracts you and then your energy probably makes them tingle and emote more submissiveness. It’s a beautiful thing!


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