Sometimes, we take our life for granted. We don’t always sit back in our couch and think back to less fortunate. Or perhaps we rule / are ruled and live in a society of friends / maybe even family that accept our BDSM Nature where there are those who struggle to fit in. 

I wish I could help everyone. I’d probably exhaust myself if I could but I can’t. Not entirely. 

So indulge me. If I may, I want to instruct you all.

The next time you find yourself nude – bath, shower, outdoors, indoors, wherever whenever – I want you to raise your hands as far as you can. Stretch them out high. Think on your freedom, embrace it, yell with it. I mean, really yell. Seize the moment. Because there you are: free, in the moment and alive. 

If you do do this, I sure hope you write to me about it and tell me how you felt. I hope you don’t feel silly. I hope you feel alive. 


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