Journal thing

Hello you sexy people,

How are you all? What the hell has been happening? Tell me everything, goddamnit! Write to me. Write whenever you can or when you want to because I want to hear about what’s new in your world. Don’t make a mental note, get your butt over to your email of choice and write me up. Consider that a demand if it suits you.

So it’s an afternoon on Thursday, I am nursing a killer headache, I’ve gotten through the slog of uni work for the day and for some reason, I am quite horny. But also in a reflective mood.

I haven’t been as active this year because of work kicking my ass but I do want the lovely readers of my blog to know that I am lurking and reading as much as I can without passing out due to exhaustion.

I’ve had a few people come by my page and I haven’t had the chance until now to introduce myself and read their stuff. Despite following a metric tonne of people and sometimes losing track, I still want to read everyone that stops by because…well, I love to read and people fascinate me. And I am grateful for your time.

I came across a man on Fetlife, just through the writings section as I like to read whenever I check my Fet (which is not often these days admittedly), and it was sad frantic note, scribbled in just a few lines. In it, he described a growing attraction to a male friend and how he didn’t want to be bisexual. And that broke my heart.

Here was a human being that was so scared of his feelings that he didn’t want to be this bad thing that he feared. I felt like giving the guy a hug, y’know? Big ol’ bear hug.

I think no matter what your sexuality is, I think that’s beautiful. And when I hear someone thinking about their sexuality, and I have had the honour of being around a few of those conversations with people in the past, I actually get so excited I tremble — because I am a witness to something grandiose and larger than life and beautiful. And so when I see someone struggling with that, you can bet your bottom dollar (Aussie phrase?) that I’ll be there.

Remember that, random passer by.




6 thoughts on “Journal thing

  1. I wish I had your email. I’m trying to find some of my other followers when I had my bv blog. Otherwise school, work( sort of, I’m out because of a torn tendon), and being a mother.
    Miss you xoxo


  2. That is sad that the guy fears his truth so much. Maybe he will get there one day and embrace who he really is.
    I wonder does his fear stem from how people he knows will perceive him if he is bi or if it is something inside him, a form of homophobia that he has turned in on himself? We really are our own worst enemies sometimes, aren’t we?


  3. Well since you ask; you know what’s new in my world? Latex!
    Who’da thought? I’m 56 and wearing latex for the first time, and, you know, I look fantastic!
    (I’ll post some pics on FetLife, or our blog in a couple of days).



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