Dark Words


Dark words fly on dark wings

was the confusing thought that came to her feverish mind as her soaked hand furiously assaulted her clit. Where had she heard that before?
His voice spoke to her across the phone. Deep. Commanding.
She had sensed nothing like it before. A deep yearning, something compelling her. No boyfriend, not even her husband of five years, has had this effect on her, this pull… This pull that tore through her little body and set her cunt on fire.
This deep voice spoke and she responded, to her confusion, in a voice that seemed unlike her own.

Yes, Sir.

I don’t want you to stop rubbing that sweet little clit until your muscles are sore. Am I understood?

Yes, Sir.

Each furious stroke rose up to her stomach, which felt queasy. As her body began to sweat and attracted the cool autumn air, she felt a strange sickening excitement.
She knew she was betraying her marriage but she couldn’t escape the pull of the voice. Her body, her mind, her soul was a slave.

That’s when she started to come for the third time. Her body burned as she howled into her pillow. Her vision went spinning. After her vocal chords went dry, out came the fiercest grunt she’s ever heard from herself during playing.

Let it out, little one.

Yes, Sir.

The words just came out again. And she grunted. So guttural, so primal that it tore up her throat.

Her hand tightened up. Intense pain shot through her arm. She moaned.


No answer.

S-sir? I can’t go on. I can’t..


She did so. And collapsed into her soft sheets,spent


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