She sits in her bedroom, her mind ablaze.
He stands before her and nods to her gently – and she begins.
“I’m a little cumslut” She whispers.
She doesn’t like her voice but she knows he does. She knows he can hear her british accent and it drives her to speak more, voluntarily.
“I needed this, so badly”
For what the wild little girl is doing is pulling on the clothesline pegs that clamp around both of her nipples.
She meets his gaze – and he raises a hand, opened. A threat? She doesn’t know.
Regardless, she looks down like she did before – and tugs.
The pain is instant. It shoots across her breasts in pulsating waves.
There’s something about the sensation, the pinch that holds her sanity together.
Why doesn’t she want to take off the peg and run free? What is it about that tight nip at her bosom that soaks her cunt, that sends her mind running wild.
And why the fuck is he just standing staring at her as she breathes heavily at the pain.
“Flick them” He says, simply. And she does.
First, the left one. She braces herself, feeling her breathing halting — then she snaps her fingers.
She cries out as the pain travels across her entire body in a little shockwave. It hits her hard in her gut on the way down.
She moves to the left one — and strikes that with another quick snap of her fingers.
Pain is an old friend, lingering, comforting. She finds something about the embrace relaxing and soothing.
The smile that forms at the corner of his lips makes her feel accepted. Proud.
She wants to ask when he will fulfil her but she knows its out of line. Maybe if she flicks them both again, he will see how good of a girl she is?
As if reading her mind, he says “Again”.
The word quickens her breathing. She raises her hand, lets it hover over her left breast.
She braces.
She braces.
He watches.
She holds her breath.
Her chest tightens.
She releases her fingers into the peg.
It sends her mind into a daze. She’s lost somewhere between reality and insanity. The pain, the peg on her little puffy nipples, is what holds her between the universes.
When she flicks her right breast, a force so fast climbs up her throat and she screams.
It’s guttural and raw.
He kneels in front of her now, is at her level. Their eyes meet. She knows what he wants.
She parts her legs and lets him see the puddle she’s made between her legs. It makes him grin.
“I’m taking you now, wild wolf” He says. “Leave the pegs on”


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