Lesbianism In Medieval Times



I wonder..

I’m not the biggest historian on a topic such as this but wiki tells me homosexuality, in medieval times, was punishable by death. And because I am a dreamer, I wonder..

How many women had discussions behind closed doors. How many betrothed women shared passionate forbidden kisses with their servant girls and ended up in a clusterfuck of sheets like this:




And before people wonder, I do want to say that I am not excluding men out of this equation. But it so happens I was writing a scene set in medieval times between two women and there seemed to be an underlying sexual tension. Characters tend to live a life on their own terms, I can’t control them. And I got wondering about this myself. How many tantalising secrets behind closed doors were there?

How many servants went to wake their lady and saw them in their sheer nighties? was there any sexual tension there at all? Or is this all just me on a male-wish-fulfillment rant?

It strikes me, coming from 2016, that maybe these people didn’t have the labels we do, they didn’t wake up and go “Dear me, I am a lesbian” – to them, it was just passion. Passion, love and stolen kisses. Forbidden love.

Intoxicating, sheet-soaking, forbidden love.

So I wonder. And I fantasise. And I think about this love. And I smile to myself.

Sometimes daydreams are lovely.


5 thoughts on “Lesbianism In Medieval Times

  1. According to Julie Peakman, the Bible doesn’t actually prohibit sex between women, though the Church frowned on it. “Early medieval punishments for women who had ‘sex without men’ were aimed solely at nuns” and the punishment was light. Lesbianism was not actually a crime. (The Pleasure’s All Mine: A History of Perverse Sex, p113 ff.)

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  2. The image you shared of the girls entwined in the covers is so pretty. Reminds me of a scene I just read and wonderful book, The Dark Pool. The scene was set in medieval times and describes two women who are lovers as “they slept like kittens in a bowl of finally spun wool, he thought. Their covers askew, their arms around each other, they were as desirable in their sleep as when they were awake.” There are some very sexy lesbian scenes and poly love scenes in the story. I highly recommend it.


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