The Dominant’s Growl #7: What Is Your Dynamic?

What is your dynamic? (i.e.: D/s? M/s?) In what ways does your dynamic differ from the ‘standard’ understanding or acceptance of your dynamic?

Well, first of all I want to say my dynamic differs from the understanding because kitten and I have adopted things that suit us specifically. Things that might not work for another couple.

It’s true that our relationship is 24/7. I mean not only is it in our nature and we accept this nature so it comes out in daily tasks or something. However, while we adopt the ’24/7′ label, if one of us has had a rough day or is mentally buggered, run down, anxious, or just upset about work dramas, we ‘step out of role’. Which is a funny saying in itself because we never truly leave it. However. HOWEVER. We put aside certain rules and regulations, like asking permission to go to the bathroom – things that we want for ourselves but don’t feel human enough in the moment. I’ve said this before but sometimes you can get lost within that side and sometimes it’s good to just be the other side for a moment. In this case, her and I.

It was my understanding that that sort of behaviour was…hm, irregular? That the persona should always stay switched on. I don’t know about that. I’m a Libran, I need balance. Light and dark, that whole thing. Sometimes it’s good to just be ourselves, if that is making any sense whatsoever – I am hoping it is because I feel like I am doing a shitty job of it. But we are human. And as human as our D/s side and relationship is, sometimes we need to remember the other part of who we are so we don’t get terribly lost.

If you’ve got questions, feel free to direct them to the comment section or if you prefer a more private environment, my email. I am bringing this series back on a weekly basis so be prepared, heh.




8 thoughts on “The Dominant’s Growl #7: What Is Your Dynamic?

  1. However you live, your relationship is just perfect. I don’t agree with the “you should always” or the “if you’re not always”. We are all just humans, with emotions, feelings, wants and desires. I applaud you for setting your own rules and allowing yourselves to “step out of role” when it best suits you both. Bravo!

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    1. Miss Amelia, thank you! I agree with you. It’s your life to make and who is to say otherwise? We all have our different methods that help us and we shouldn’t work against each other. It’s always a pleasure to have you comment!

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  2. Master and I have moments where we step from roles. I have stressful moments where I need a release and sometimes it is to yell or cry. Master knows that and we just step away for the moment and take care of business. It is nice to hear other 24/7 couples do the same thing.

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  3. I told my mentor recently that sometimes when I talk about my relationship I feel schizophrenic … ‘The wife in me feels…’ ‘But Kitten accepts…’
    He told that that’s very normal and not to think of it as separate personalities, but rather, different levels of love you can feel for your partner! A different way of unlocking parts of yourself for them.
    I’m actually writing about this right now and stumbled across your post lol

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    1. Schizophrenic! The perfect word. Although it does sound negative and I wouldn’t label this as such. But I AM glad that you saw this, just so you could experience an outsider to your world feel it 🙂


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