‘B’ is for Bestiality


When I was in my early twenties, I befriended a woman – I forget from where…an app off Facebook, I think? – but something just clicked and we became friends. Over time, I learnt she fancied me. That she had the same lightning strike sex drive. You know the one. Where you can’t quite get enough. Where it’s a frenzy. This was around the time that I was struggling in a relationship because I had a frenzy sex drive and my then-partner didn’t have much of one — and because I was Dominant. So to hear this from someone else was a breath of fresh air, really.

Anyway, one night over a jovial conversation, she says to me. “Okay, so I’ve never told anyone this before”

And I go, “What? What’s wrong?”

And she says “I just wanted to get off my chest to you that I’m into Bestiality…”

And I’m stunned. I’m, what, 22-23? This is the first person in my life to say such a thing – and you know what, she has been the last. I mean, before the words left her mouth, I may as well think of the act as a myth, talked about in hushed tones in the seediest of circles. But no, this perfectly normal, lovely – and she was lovely – girl is telling me about this over the internet.

But anyway, what was I supposed to do? I’m not about to vomit. I don’t cut all ties. I certainly don’t condone bestiality for a number of reasons but I’m not going to ignore it because I feel, for those that have urges, they shouldn’t feel distanced from me or anyone else. And because, I’m curious about the appeal within the mind of others.

So we talk about it. And she goes on to describe her fantasy to me, involving a horse. And you know what’s interesting here is not the bestiality itself, but the idea that this sensitive woman is having these primal urges. Natured or nurtured, she can’t help them – and that is what I find fascinating on a purely psychological level. So we talked about how. We talked about why. We talked about society. And we talked about the community into said desire.

I was even introduced into a Bestiality-Fantasy Roleplaying site where I could talk with the community and hear stories. It was quite intriguing just reading how others interact and what they find appealing, because I don’t find it appealing at all. It’s a whole other world to me and I enjoyed seeing and meeting the people in it.

A lot of this can manifest into not actually fucking an animal, but with pet play. Butt plugs come with tails now. My kitten and I hope to introduce a cage for her in the near future. Roleplaying just doesn’t stick to the internet, we all know, with the assortment of apparel and toys, your fantasy comes alive. You get to live that out, however you want.

Anyway, Her and I eventually drifted apart, as friends do. We caught up here or there but whatever thing that fuelled the conversations wasn’t there, it was simply part of a time and a place. We did reconnect on Facebook and then on Fetlife a while back but one day she didn’t pop up in the news feed anymore and I took that as a hint to leave things be.

I guess, for me, it was about uncovering new people, new experiences and learning to accept those, even if you can’t agree with it. I don’t ever want to dissuade anyone or make anyone feel they are a freak for their interests. I do draw the line at body harm, corpses and other outlandish stuff though. But I’m not about to piss on your sense of being and belittle you.

And now because I feel like I am rambling – I feel I should say ‘Class dismissed’.


4 thoughts on “‘B’ is for Bestiality

  1. Wow thank you for sharing this story. Kit works as a veterinarian and not too long ago there was a thread on vet forum titled strangest encounter. One vet mentioned that one of his clients called in as an emergency and demanded to speak with the vet only. In hushed voices he told the vet he had walked in on his wife having sex with her dog…If that situation were ever to happen to the Kit, as open minded as Kit is, don’t think Kit can come up with anything to console the husband…


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