In which I discuss The Dance Of Sensitivity And Dominance

The other day, I wrote about how I struggled within myself because I wasn’t entirely masculine or like my own father, a hardened man. The point of that one was to appeal to the males out there that are sensitive like me, who struggle with identity. I wanted to tell them it’s okay to be that way and that you shouldn’t feel negative about it.

If you missed that one, you can find it here.

Today, I want to take this whole subject a step further and talk about sensitivity and how it influences my Dominance over my kitten in our every day life.

The truth of the matter is: I’m not a hard man. I’m a softie at heart. I’ve been known to choke up at Dramas on TV and just recently, I spent more time at a party talking to a five year old about aliens and movies and anything else that came up.

The thing is…

Sensitivity influences me in the ways I approach a problem to find a solution.
I’m not about to let my submissive get away with missing a task or a chore unless there is a very good reason for doing so, i.e sickness, anxiety, hard stress. To do so would be detrimental to your teachings and her growth as a submissive.

And this is funny, because I wasn’t always a stern teacher. I did a lot of back peddling when I was growing into myself. Truth be told, I lacked the confidence. It’s a nasty by product of low self esteem that came about during teenage years. And to Dominant’s struggling with confidence, let me be clear in saying that you need to step back, think long and hard on your words and cement the idea. Sometimes all it takes to cement an idea is for you to just take that leap of faith and stick to your guns. Have an idea? Execute it, no questions.

Because when I was coming into my own, the ideas I wanted to explore, I thought they were silly and outlandish. I thought there was no way another person would be on this wave length. Except they were. There are always people out there that are on that page and the more you take a leap and stick to your idea, the more confident in your skin you’ll grow.

Sometimes, it can be easy to go easy on my submissive and let her off the hook for doing a task because of something, like she’s tired. But I stick to my idea and push her a little. I have a firm idea in my head of how to run my household and I go with this idea. Discipline is something that needs to be exercised. To use an analogy, I don’t really feel like shaving today but I do so because I have to teach my mind discipline. And the pattern will help me remember in future to stick to that discipline, just like my kitten sticks to her discipline and asks to be excused to go to the toilet if we are sharing a moment.

Your sensitive nature can guide you. It’s a blessing. Not a curse. To me, it helps me assess a moment and see how I should respond. Make no mistake, that’s not to say I let my kitten off light or go easy on her.

She can attest to that.


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