Compliment Yourself


Next chance you get, do me a favour. Find a mirror, stand in front of it and take of your clothes. All of it. Get absolutely naked. Look your worst enemy in the eye and tell yourself something nice about yourself. If you can’t just yet, tell yourself something positive about your day. Maybe it was a song on the radio, a stranger that said hello, maybe you had a good sleep or you heard a funny joke. Think of something – anything – but it must be positive.

If you are ready to speak to yourself, say that you think they’re beautiful. I don’t care if it sounds silly, let those words come out and flow around you.
I know the struggle, I know it’s hard but just try for me -pretty please with sprinkles on top.

If you’re finding it increasingly hard, you have my permission to slap yourself. Anywhere will do. On your arms, legs, bum, face, somewhere sensitive enough to shock you.

Because you owe it to yourself to generate enough electricity within yourself to feel positive and sexual and alive and happy because you’re you, you’re standing there alive and breathing. So confront this and come out the victor.

Pretty Please.


9 thoughts on “Compliment Yourself

  1. Interesting to stumble upon this. A friend of mine challenged me to do something similar – not naked.. this definitely amps it up a bit, but still. It’s an exercise I’m only a few days into… but I completely see it’s value and positive outcomes. Thanks for posting!

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  2. Such a very sweet and right idea. I advised something similar to someone else….and it was so good to come across this just as general advice to us all. And look at all the comments so far….


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