Nudity in social media 

Let’s talk about nudity on social media. Because it’s something that interests me and it’s something that people are protesting over, in certain circles like Facebook and Instagram. Some apps / guidelines have the tiniest bit of skin revealed deleted and off Facebook. And of course, mothers argue against the removal of breastfeeding photos. And why? Well, everyone is going to have a different opinion. 


When it comes to breastfeeding pictures, I’m okay with that. It’s natural, it’s sweet. It may be out there for everyone to see but it’s a nipple, so what? I’ve seen a fair few family members more than I’d like to but I’m not going to go nuts over it. 


It’s about perception. And, I guess, about upbringing. Some people see it as private, offensive – and that’s fair enough but to me, they’re kind of missing the point. Which is that nudity should be embraced, not locked up and hidden. 

writer Rosie Waterland on her facebook

Then there’s the idea about sharing nudity with friends and family, a lot of whom probably don’t want to see that. Some might even be compelled to sexually harass you even, but then – this is it – this is the argument. It’s the individual, not the person putting up the photos, ect – that’s to blame. 


Okay, say if I saw my sister put up a nude photo. If there was good reason for doing so, maybe for a cause, maybe it was a hot day at the beach, etc – then I’d shrug and keep scrolling Facebook. If it’s just there for attention or grossly focused on like a hustler mag then I wouldn’t be so happy. 
I guess what I’m saying is this: I’m all for re-evaluating community guidelines for nudity in social media so long as it’s not overtly gratuitous. A key example is that female nipples aren’t allowed to be shown on Instagram but males are. I don’t see the difference? Nipples are nipples. 
As long as it’s sensible and tasteless, I say why not? Shock the world, shock the community. But behave. Good girl.


3 thoughts on “Nudity in social media 

  1. I’ll be the bad girl and ask, who decides what is sensible, what is tasteless? As you say, everyone has a different opinion. I for one am fine about nudity. I shrug and go on. I don’t care if my daughter (12) sees it. I’ve raised her to be fine with nudity and to know everyone is responsible for their behavior, that includes those who try to censor another person or have trouble controlling their sexual desires just because a person shows some flesh. No one would be talking about this or asking for photos to be removed or accounts shut down if we lived in a society where everyone ran around nude. This is really about people trying to control what another person does even when it hurts no one. I say ‘look at your own life, and let others live theirs’. If it hurts no one, then why not? In regards to breastfeeding? I breastfed in public and no one had an issue, no one ever asked me not to. I also didn’t flash my breast for everyone to see. I took into consideration there might be others who would be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable if I did so. Breastfeeding is a natural part of life, we should encourage all women to do so, and understand that if they do, it is not always convenient to do so behind closed doors. I say, ‘take a hint people, there are more serious problems in the world besides breastfeeding in public and nudity, lets focus on those’. ~Kate


    1. Beautifully said, Kate. Thanks for writing in. I’m glad you’ve raised your daughter to be fine with nudity. My family went the opposite and saw it as something wrong. I can’t even walk around shirtless at my folks without someone exclaiming. But I digress.

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      1. It is a shame when we are taught to turn away from what is natural and pure. It isn’t just with nudity but with health as well. But that is a whole other topic. I have worked hard to not pass on some of what I was taught or made to believe. I am hoping my daughter will continue the same when she has children.


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