Like A Peach



Like a peach,

Soft and tender.

Awaiting my touch.


Like a peach

plucked off the shackles of the tree

forbidden fruit

Like a peach

delicious and sweet

the juices bring out the insatiable desire

Like a peach

I like to take a big bite out

and see what’s underneath

Like a peach

I hold in my hand all of you

I see you.

Author’s Note:

Yeaaaah, not my best. But I’m happy with the metaphors and I take them seriously enough that they mean something beautiful without sounding overly pretentious. I tried to be sweet, I tried to be sexy. I don’t know if I succeeded but hey. I hope you enjoy – and for the Dominant’s reading, think about your ladies when you have a piece of fruit in your hands! 😉

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