Teaching Her A Lesson, Part II




Some of you have asked when I will finish this particular story. I hope the conclusion does not disappoint.

I found my hands sliding down the curves of her ass, tracing the freckle right on the tip before the flesh slid under towards her cunt.

My hand travelled up her skin, edging closer towards her.

Laura struggled to move, even kicked her legs out but before she could even move her legs probably, I had found her lips and was tracing my finger along her slick wetness.

“G-get off..get away” She whispered but her voice was low and trembling.

The daze washed over me then, filling my mind was a certain warmness as the blood rushed there. My heart continued to hammer.

I slid my finger into her slowly, easing its way in till her cunt had swallowed my entire index finger.

Laura’s legs did a spasm but she held herself together. Her curses underneath her breath became moans and long before I knew it, she was rocking back into me. I quickened the pace of my fingers, moving in them rapidly in and out of her.

Each time my fingers slid out, they were thicker with her sweet juice.

I found the aroma of her to be quite appetising. I wanted to taste her.

“Get away from me” Laura hissed, trying to wiggle away from me.

I went to open my mouth but my hand reacted almost instantly, striking her hard across the face.

Laura’s face snapped to the left, instantly reddening her and knocking her fringe over her eyes.

Behind the hair, she sobbed. O how she sobbed like a little lost girl.

I left my index finger resting within her as I pulled my body back to take in the view of her.

She stood there, her hands bound to the coat hanger pole above her.

Even in her sobbing, she must’ve thought – somewhere deep down – that she had to be quiet because it was as if she was suppressing her sobs. Gritting her teeth as they came out through her throat choking her.


I took in the sight of the BITE ME scrawled across her ass. But something was missing in that moment, I felt. Something the teacher’s did to me when I misbehaved in primary school – a spanking.

I raised my hand and struck her. She fell forward into the wall, her ass shifting upwards in front of my face.

I struck her again, this time on the right cheek. She winced and began to sob, a little bit more loudly this time.

I struck her again. Then again. And again. I recall that it was as if something possessed me. Maybe it was all the anger that was built up because this little whore was mocking me in my own fucking class.

I spun around, pulling off her cotton school shirt. It fell, unbuttoned to the floor.

Her tits were in my face, small perky things. Her nipples were pink little buttons. I lowered my mouth onto her right nipple and bit gently. Laura was still crying quietly, doing her best to muffle her sobs.

I tested her then, suckling the little young tit into my mouth, seeing if she reacted. Her body tightened, as did her little nipple, which stiffened. But nothing came of it. She stayed still.


There came a muffled noise traveling through the door. I felt the anger leave me, drain out of my body. And I heard this –

Is everything alright ma’am?

It was a woman’s voice. A teenager, it sounded like. I remember thinking about turning around and whipping that door open and whipping the girl for the interruption. But that could lead to darker paths.

Instead, I grabbed Laura by the hair and put my mouth to her ear.

“Say, you’re fine. Do it, you little slut, or you’ll wish you did by the time they can stop me and free you..”

“I’m fine, thanks” came Laura’s shaky broken voice.

The teenage voice replied with “Okay”, which sounded a little unsure but when I was confident she was gone, I turned on Laura and something possessed me again, rising up my body with tingling rage…


..I spat on her. It hit her in the cheek and rolled down her luscious lips.

She cried out at the act and begged to be let go, that she won’t tell anyone. The begging came fast and low as her voice trembled.

I couldn’t help but look down at her pretty little cunt and smile as it pulsated for me. Her lips were quivering, vibrating almost.

Better than that, she was terribly wet.

“And you call me a dyke?”

I struck her again and her body shivered.

Little Laura shook her head violently. “I didn’t mean it, I didn’t”

“And yet look at you. You’re fucking soaking.”

“No, I – I didn’t mean it”

The girl was delirious.

I remember sliding two fingers into that wet cunt of hers, which slid in at ease. Or was it three fingers? I can’t recall what I used on her first.

Whatever it was, she groaned, as if winded.

I took no notice of it as I slid my fingers in and out.

To my surprise, the little bitch was rocking back into my fingers, trying to get the full length inside her. I didn’t let her. When she rocked her hips, I held back.

Her gutted groans became soft moans.

“You don’t seem so troubled now”

Laura was delirious. She mumbled something low, her face covered by her dyed hair.

“And you call me a dyke” I said to her softly.

“I didn’t…I didn’t…”

“You didn’t what?

“I can’t think…with…with you…”

My thumb slid down to her clit and began to massage her. She trembled on her spot and I saw..I saw her knee shaking.

“That’s your problem you little bitch”

“I am…”

“You are what?”

I struck her ass at this.

“A little…a little…”


“Yes, I mean no…”

“I think you are”

Little Laura began to breathe quicker then.



“No, I’m…I’m not”


She jumped at that and still she accepted my fingers and thumb.

“I’m a…I’m a…”

“Yeees?” I hissed at her.

“I’m a little dyke”

“And you believe that?’

“Y-yes…I…I guess..”

I pulled out my fingers, moved closer to her and wiped them on her face.

“Yes. You are a little dyke-whore”

“Please…please…I need it”

“Do you? A moment ago, you were crying.”

“I…I just need it”

“Goodbye, little Laura.”

I quietly left her there, tied to the pole in the dressing room.

The workers looked at me strangely but they knew nothing.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have left her bound by her legs and arms to the dressing room of the shop but the hussy needed to learn her lesson.

So hopefully the little bitch will figure out I loosened the knots so she would finish her task by getting her ass back to mine.


One thought on “Teaching Her A Lesson, Part II

  1. Yes!!! Finally!!! Loved it!! You could feel her fear and transition into what she had to admit. As they say, good things come to those who wait 😉


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