Being addressed by a submissive shouldn’t come automatically.

I wanted to write about something because I’m not sure I have before (and feel free to correct me). Being addressed by a submissive doesn’t come automatically. It shouldn’t come automatically.

I’ve seen a lot of men get this wrong and it’s mainly because it’s the thrill of the kink and nothing more. 

But for the newcomer Dominant, I thought I would write this down so it’s here under file to read. 

You can’t just demand to be addressed. It doesn’t work like that. Being addressed is a right to YOU. And it comes down to basic fact – be kind, be respectful and be polite. Women aren’t sexbots, you can’t just demand something like you would to Siri. 

It’s actually a very animalistic thing, if you think about it. Do you remember all those animal documentaries where the male is trying to impress the female? I sure do. Notice similarities? Except – putting up a facade of being respectful just to get her is deceitful and that’s a big NO.

The way I see it, I would only want a submissive lady to call me Sir if she feels I’m worthy of such a title. If she decides I’ve earnt it, in her eyes. In my eyes, yeah of course I’m a Master – but I would rather a lady refer to me as such because maybe she’s spent time with me or she’s had a good sense of character to decide. 

Yes, you may be Dominant. But you can’t force it upon her, unless that’s something that develops between you two. Being addressed is a right. An honour if you will.

One last thing: it can be entirely non-sexual. Some people get this a little mixed up and that’s easy to mistake, I guess, because it’s identified with some sexy imagery in your mind. Whether it’s sexual or not depends on your own unique situation. But other than that, it’s a sign of respect to you. 

And you should feel blessed. 


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