Dominant people? Keep A kind mind 

The other day I found myself in a bit of an interesting situation. And I want to talk about it because it involved making a decision that came about because who I am, as a person, teacher and Dominant.
Now, for those that are new to my blog, a ritual my kitten and I keep is that she greets me every morning with a message and photo of herself. Both a reminder of who protects her and who she serves. She’s stuck to it all since we’ve been together in this way.

The other day, she forgot. And it wasn’t that she couldn’t be bothered, it was because she was dead fucking tired.

She was the first to admit to it, in fact, and said to me that she understood she had to be punished. But see, this is where the plot thickens.
She’s got stuff on her mind, stuff I will address as stuff as to protect her privacy, etc. So this stuff coupled with getting up early to go to work and not having the best sleep? You’re human. You make mistakes. Which is why I gave her task to complete in order to make up for the lost photo. 
But did I have to do that? Do you show kindness? Or be firm. That’s an individual choice but in the end, I believe that I made the right one because she’s not a machine and at the end of the day, we all know what’s it like to have a rotten sleep. And I don’t want her stressed. I know kitten, she will feel like shite for forgetting. So: why make it worse? 
So to the Dominant’s out there, I say this: Be kind and be human. Don’t let it get the better of you but remember this pesky humanity we all have. 

A sterner reaction might have negative effect on your submissive’s mind and may draw him or her away from you. Submission is a deeply emotional experience and if I’ve learnt anything, it’s that you treat it firmly and yet delicately. 


5 thoughts on “Dominant people? Keep A kind mind 

  1. Being someone who tends to feel really bad at messing up stuff (for lack of a better word), I tend to punish myself already. Having another punishment on top of that would make me feel terrible and worthless. Not a good place to be.
    I’m not particularly knowledgeable of the D/s dynamics beyond what I read on this blog or others but I think it’s something that goes in any love/caring relationship. It’s just realising the person you love/care for isn’t perfect and doesn’t always need to be reminded he/she isn’t.
    I don’t know how I would have felt about being given a task to ‘make up’ for it, but that goes to the heart of not being in a D/s relationship and not understanding everything about it. It’s interesting reading and learning even though time has been lacking lately. I do feel for your kitten because it seems she’s in an uneasy place. I hope she gets to a better one. Thinking of her. And you who support her.


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