For those who are about to write, I salute you!

Sometimes I see someone follow me and sometimes, more often then not actually, I see they’ve deleted their own thoughts. 

Uh uh. Not happening. You and I , reader, we owe it to ourselves to write. To document our thoughts. Not only is it helpful but it’s therapeutic. So please, try again. I promise to read. In fact, whoever is kind enough to follow me, I make sure I read and connect. Even when my anxiety and introverted nature get the better of me. 

But here’s the thing. I too didn’t want a blog in the end. I thought “oh there’s a crowd out there that will definitely frown on me” and I buried the idea in my mind. Until I was encouraged – which, by the way, is thanks to all that read here. Never stop dropping in, I love it. I hope you’re well. God bless.

So even if you think what you’re saying is stupid – write. Even if you think you’ll get laughed at – write. We are our own worst enemy. So ignore that little bitch and get writing! Promise me? 


10 thoughts on “For those who are about to write, I salute you!

  1. Very true. I write to clear my head. I never expected anyone to read. It’s amazing. And so reassuring to discover so many others doing the same. Here’s to the writers in all of us.


  2. I admire those you can write to make their thoughts known, let alone being able to make them public for others to read. I have often tried to make journaling a habit but I often just sit there with pen hovered over paper and over think, try to make it sound perfect and not feel stupid. Hence why my journal only has 1.5 pagers written in the past 12 months. I admire those you can!!


  3. What perfect timing for this post…. I have been going back and forth about whether to keep going… And although my thoughts are not as organized as yours, writing is important. Thanks for the extra push 😀


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