Welcome to 2016


Hello all my lovely readers and welcome to another year. I’m excited. I am buzzing. I have no idea what’s going to come from it but I just have a feeling I will be going to places I never thought knew existed. And YOU’RE going to come experience it with me.

In my blog, I’ve touched upon a few dark things. I’ve convinced people to come over to the dark side. Now I want to bring a whole lot more people into this lifestyle, help wake them up I should say, so that everyone’s life is richer. So: I want to go deeper (in all ways possible 😉 ) I want to talk more, help more people, write more.


I took a look at my stats the week I was away in the sticks at my folks and I see people were visiting from Sweden, from Japan, from Norway, Thailand, Germany. And I have absolutely idea why or even how they came across me. Some people were even visiting my page on Christmas, which they totally should not have done because I am totally not worthy on such a day.

So will people do something for me? If you’re visiting this, whether today or six months from now, write in. Say hello. Say what brings you here and hopefully you will say what you are afraid to say because I always want to help. Always.


SAY I had a teenage daughter. Lets say she’s 19, to not make it too weird. Say that teenage daughter came home from a party a bit tipsy and wandered into my bedroom because sober daughter is a Daddy’s Girl. Could I stop her from lowering her mouth on my cock, if she wanted to? There’s a line that is drawn but what if we cross it? What becomes of us then? Are we monsters, sick and psychopathic? Or are we how the universe designed us? As animals?  Why do we not talk about this and instead, say, masturbate over it in the comfort of our homes? Questions to ponder. But I think about how good it feels to slide into my kitten and I think about how that might feel to tackle forbidden fruits.


Today, while writing, I wandered onto a porn site and on the list of fun things to watch was a video about a woman getting an enema. Up to that point, I have had zero interest in trying that. It just doesn’t seem like my thing, especially with all that there is to play with. But this video was sensual. There was something that commanded me to view it. Maybe it was the idea of being in control while doing it, maybe it was the images that tapped into the pleasure centre of my brain, who knows, but I enjoyed watching. Which is, I must admit, new to me.

That’s all of my thoughts for today.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to 2016

  1. Happy 2016! Love your blog. It’s worthy of the attention you are receiving from all over the world. Master and I especially adore the picture you’ve added to this post. Ankle cuff and all…grrr.

    You are really pushing boundaries there with this suggested thought scenario. The daddy daughter thing. I have few boundaries, but apparently that’s one because I struggle to even hold the idea long. I agree though…no harm done if it is only in your head. However, I would entertain this idea with caution. I think you could skew the energetics of the relationship if you visited that fantasy frequently.

    Always thought provoking, you. 😉


  2. Well, i have personally diagnosed myself as a sex addict. So I attempt to immerse myself in as much of amy addiction as possible. “Life long student” if you will. Your post quality is very high. Also it does not come across as abrasive. It (your posts) appear to be honest and sincere on a topic that most of the world would consider taboo; outside the norm or down right unpleasant. I continue to read because I enjoy the exploration, excitement and intimacy of your posts.



  3. So here is little ol’ me almost a year late to this post. I’ve just recently stumbled upon your page, and dove head straight into it because of the way I feel the writing connect with me. I can’t explain it. Maybe just something about the way my mind puts together these thoughts and feelings, your words truly speak to me. I feel like there is a lot to be learned and so I will follow, I will read, and do my best to comment as much as my brain will allow.


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