A steamy Boxing Day awakening…

I had a dream last night three women were in a bath together in the midst of a steamy threesome. 3 was touching herself as her head was buried into 2’s beautiful treasure. 2 herself was standing suckling 1’s clit as she struggled to stay afloat. 1 was new to this. This much I know. I know this because I felt it. I felt it was her first lesbian experience just as I felt this experience would cement what she knew all along.

The key to this, I suppose, was me. I was watching. I was absorbing the image. I was the puppeteer, if you will, and this was my orchestration. I knew I was in command of this slice of heaven.
Who were these women? I wish I could tell you. Was it my pet with other women? I can’t say. Was it my pet with women from these blogs? Was it just women from these blogs, all in one cameo like some sexual The Avengers.

Was it just a photograph I saw come to life?

Or was it just my mind? I don’t know because I can’t remember.
I woke up with 1’s powerful organ. Almost as if I was completing her story arc. Naturally this would be a wet dream but I couldn’t feel myself spurt. So with that nice dream I fell asleep moments later.
When I woke up in the morning – and checked my messages, etc as I generally do – I noticed something. My cock was wet, as if I just came. 


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