Pixie, Part IV


Pixie herself was laying flat on the ground, her chest rising and falling in quick succession…



When Pixie rolled off me, the cool air of the evening hit my face.

It was startling but refreshing, for my face felt as if it were burning.
Every other inch of me was on fire so I was thankful for Pixie’s juices keeping my face cool and wet.
Pixie herself was laying flat on the ground, her chest rising and falling in quick succession.
Looking at her, there was a voice in my head that kept saying something that made my stomach knot – This is your half sister, this is your half sister. Like some emergency beacon in my body that pulsated through me every few seconds. Or maybe that was my aching cunt pulsating.

Yes, that was it. I was throbbing. I was hot. God help me, I needed to come.
No, you need to get out of here, a voice was telling me from somewhere within.
I couldn’t move though, only gasp for that sweet air.

Pixie rolled on her side to face me, her breasts swaying forward with her movement. Her eyes met mine again and after a moment of regarding me, she giggled.
“Fuck” She said, breathless. “You’re amazing”
The words seemed to travel up my body in chills. Or maybe that was the cool breeze of the evening.
I didn’t know what to respond with so I just smiled back at her.
“Touch yourself for me”

The words knocked me out of my daze and I looked up from the ground at her.
“You heard me”
The chills in my body kept traveling up my body, it seemed. They ran their course up to my nipples and then began again from my toes back up my body.
“No, I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“I’ve never had an audience. It’s not something I -“
Pixie lashed out, striking my left breast with her open palm. The pain stung.

“What the fuck, Pixie?”
“Do it”
“I told you-“
Pixie struck me again, this time my right breast. The pain was more intense this time – it forced my eyes shut.
“Do you want another?”
“What is this?”
Pixie reached around and struck my ass. I couldn’t help it, a cry shot up out of my mouth. Blinding naked pain was suddenly all over me.

“Do. You. Want. Another?”
“Jesus, no. No!”
“Then…show me how you like it.”

I reached out a hand – a shaky hand – and slowly moved it down to my slit.
Pixie watched my expression closely. Something in her eyes had changed. She seemed…different somehow. A different mind.
I didn’t realise how wet I was. My index finger was covered in my thick creamy juices. I held it up to examine it, a thin string of my excitement reaching back down to my cunt from my finger.

Pixie giggled and lowered her mouth over my finger, her breasts resting against my arm.
She slurped greedily on my finger. I could feel her tongue swish around, cleaning every spot. Then she rose from where she was, back on her knees. I could see her own cunt glisten in the light as she did so.

“Continue” was all she said.

I can’t remember much of that time then. I remember the world giving away as I stroked my clit. I remember pinching and twisting my nipples that took me to places I have never been before.
I remember Pixie’s eyes watching me. Eagerly. Hungrily. Though angelic, she looked fierce. Watching me like a parent watching a child walk.
It was more than that though, she look possessed. Like me. I was possessed. Possessed by something that guided my hands over my nipples. Over my clit, into myself.

I remember thinking that I couldn’t remember the last time I was this soaked.
My fingers slipped right in as I pounded myself with my fingers. It wasn’t enough, I remember myself thinking, but it was all I had. And I was close.
Pixie must’ve seen this because she slapped my hand away.
I was startled, my whole body quivering, but I stayed still.

“You will come on my command. Not a moment sooner.” A voice said. Hers. Confident, assured.
She watched me closely for a moment, studying me. When she felt sure I was no longer close, she let me go play again.

The forest disappeared and Pixie and I were floating through time and space. Just floating


clenching. It’s too much. I feel her wet mouth on my thigh and…

I feel a sharp pain. A pinching sensation. Only it’s not my hands, it’s Pixie’s.
She’s tugging on my nipples again, stretching it further, further. Her mouth is hovering over my cunt now. When did she move towards me? Te pain blocks me from remembering.
Again I came close and again Pixie told me no. Something in me froze when she did. I had to wait till I could build myself up again.

“Do it..” I can hear myself say.
My voice sounds distant – light years away.
That’s when I feel it. Her tongue trailing up my thigh, ever so slowly. My body reacts, tensing backwards. More pain. But I am paralysed. My clit spasms in anticipation.

“ Do it.”
“What do you say?” Her voice coos from far away.
“I don’t have times to play games, missy. What. Do. You. Say?”
I could feel a sting on my ass for every pause she took. I tried to move, tried to wiggle around but I felt heavy.
My vision was blurry and looking around at the darkening forest just made everything around me seem to spin. What was going on?
Something came to my mind then. Something possessing clarity when everything else in my mind was topsy turvy. A loud thought of mine? I don’t know.

One word will set you free, it said to me.

Then I knew what to do. I wanted it so bad, goddamnit. Every inch of my flesh was burning for it. I would kill for it, I really would. Just to get that release.
“Please do it, please..”

I felt her tongue hit my clit and almost instantly I came. A scream came out of me and tore through the trees.
My head smacked backwards into the dirt as my body tensed. And as my body tensed, I could feel my juices shoot out with every muscle contract.
No, it wasn’t juices. A wave of panic washed over me as I realised it was urine coming out of me.
“I’m so sorry” I cried out again and again.

But Pixie was giggling as the stream hit her face. She seemed to enjoy having it smack her face and run down her tits.
With that, I collapsed back into a daze. Back into being paralysed. Back into the Earth.

Back under her command.

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