Pixie, Part III


The world was a blur of green, orange and murkiness. Colours spinning together around and around. My world came crashing down. I felt a thunderous clap of something – my head? – and then something…dark. Brown.
I was sinking. I was sinking and I was dying. I was dizzy. Light. Feather. Coolness. Wet. No. Where am I?
Another crash. Then something pulled me upwards. I felt the air bite at me everywhere, my face, my ass, my mouth. I spat out the water. Thank God, the water was shallow.

Pixie was standing before me, a look of worry in her eyes.
“Are you alright?”
Her look of concern was cute and though she was the one that tripped me into the creek, I wasn’t going to be mad at her.
I nodded and shook the water off my face. I caught my dress, soaking wet in the creek, and tossed it up back on dry land. I laughed at the absurdity of the situation and Pixie giggled herself. The sound was beautiful.
Pixie stepped towards me, water beading down her face. Her short blonde hair wet and messy made her look incredibly sexy.

I pushed the thought out of my mind. That’s when I felt her hands, under the water, come to rest on either side of my hips.
I became aware of my body reacting to her. My nipples were stiffening and my heart was pounding my chest.

That’s when she leant in and kissed me. Her lips were wet and tasted like creek water and for some reason I found this all the more intoxicating. I couldn’t help myself, I kissed back, our lips locked.
Her tongue flicked against mine, which made my stomach jump.

Time melted away. All I cared about was meeting her kiss. I couldn’t remember the last time a kiss made me feel energised. I can’t remember the last time it felt so good.
I kept wanting more of the kiss. Her cool, wet lips kept bringing me back.

All of a sudden, she was lifting me back on the creek bed. All of a sudden, I let her lift me up. All of a sudden I let the dizziness wash over me as she climbed on top of me, her wet body brushing up against mine.
Pixie inched her way up my body, her small breasts running along my stomach, until her cunt was back on my mouth, easing into space where my lips were.

This time I didn’t budge. I didn’t fight  back. I felt my tongue run up over her slit. She tasted so fucking good, there’s no word for it. The dampness of the creek coupled with the coolness of the evening on her flesh and the taste of her juices made for a maddening inducing mix.
Pixie herself let out a growl so deep, I thought she was possessed. I felt her body quake, felt her thighs squeeze against my ears so tight that I was deafened.

With my sudden deafness, all I could hear was Pixie babbling something. Low and quick. Before I could ask what was on her mind, I felt my left nipple being tugged violently. Pain pulsated down my body. I let out a cry but it just swallowed Pixie’s clit.

The pain came in waves. I could feel them crash over me. Once. Twice. She yanked my hair and I felt as if my head was going to split open.
Pixie was repeating something over and over. I struggled to make it out over her clenched beautiful thighs.

I felt dizzy. Every part of me was being dragged in a different direction – my tits were being clawed at, my hair was  being tugged on and my tongue was working her clit now.

Pixie adjusted herself and I heard her pant out what she was repeating: Eat me, you bitch. Eat me you bitch. Make me feel like you did that night of the storm you whore.

She let out a big guttural howl. I tried telling her to shush but her howls gave way to quick moans that became more and more frequent. Now she wasn’t just rocking into my mouth, she was grinding furiously. I could feel her rest over me and suddenly my nipple was freed.

Her moans became frenzied, maddening. The more she let one out, the more ferociously I made love to her cunt.
You…are..S-s-s-so beautiful, my God.
She froze on they spot, her moans stopped. The sudden movement made me freeze as well. The action made Pixie scream out. “No, you stupid bitch, NO. Keep going, please. For the love of God, baby, eat me the fuck out. Please. I am begging you”

I sucked her sweet little clit into my mouth and that was when she started to spasm, once, twice. Three times. She growled and started to grunt. I felt her legs tremble above me. Then she let loose a scream and warm thick fluid shot across my face.

Her hold on my hair relaxed and at once, Pixie giggled.

To be concluded…

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