Pixie, Part II


Our eyes met as her hand rested on mine. Without warning, Pixie slid the dress from under my hand and tossed it off to the side. The dress flying off to the side sent a quick breeze across my body. It shot across my stomach.

I covered myself again, folding my arms across my breasts. I could feel the hardness of my nipples against my arm but I shock it out of my head.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I shouted at her.

Pixie just smiled as she rose to her feet, looked me in the eye and slid off her dress, revealing her pale nude body.

I was dumbfounded. I stood looking at her for a moment before my eyes fell downwards, skimming across her small, perky breasts, flat stomach and trimmed landing strip.

The words caught in my throat as I looked at her standing there before and as she started to move towards me, I found them. “Go home”


“Get dressed and go home.”

No” A little more defiantly this time.

“Listen to me, Pixie”

Pixie hooked one leg around mine and began to sit on me. I shot up and in doing so, she slid down into me, our stomach’s touching. We were face to face.

With her face just inches away from mine, I could see her lips trembling.

“What are you doing?” I said to her. It came out in a whisper.

Her eyes darted back and forth, closely watch mine.

“Get dressed, Pixie.”

I felt fingers trailing up under my thigh. It felt soft and tender like I haven’t felt in a while. The maddening thing was I wanted it more – I wanted that touch, that exact touch and everything about it, but not from my younger half sister. Not that.

When her fingers reached the bottom of my slit, I shot upwards, rolling her off onto the ground and crawling across to my dress.

I grabbed the dress and went to pull it over my head when Pixie came over, pushed me gently on my back and sat on me again, smiling at me with a cheeky grin.

“No. Bad”

“This isn’t a game, Pixie”

But she was already kissing up my stomach. Her wet mouth trailed up my flesh until it hit my nipples and I couldn’t help but buckle at how she flicked her tongue across me. How I managed to grab her by the hips in that delicious frenzy, I do not know but I did – and it was futile. She climbed up my chest until her young cunt was resting on my lips. She was soaking. Her juices ran over my nose and dribbled down my lips.

Yet still I struggled to fight her off.

Though her legs were clamped around my ears, I could hear her sigh.

“Bitch..” she muttered.

Did she just call me that? Pixie? The shy girl that hung out with herself at family parties? Who barely spoke a word in social situations?

She fiercely grabbed my hands and held them in the air. She began gyrating into my mouth. I felt her slit open on my lips.

With every force in my body, I threw her off. She tumbled across from me, landing into a pile of leaves. When she lifted her head up to look at me, she looked angry. Hurt.

“You’re beautiful” was all she could say. “I just wanted you to make me feel like you felt that day”

I couldn’t respond, I could smell her on my lips and it threw me off. My sister’s arousal was all over my face. The idea scared me and excited me at the same time.

Before I could even react, let alone say anything, my tongue flicked up to catch the taste of her on my mouth. It was peculiar, yet sweet. I wanted more. God help me, I wanted more.

But that was wrong. She needed to go back home. We both needed to get home to our parents before our mum wondered where we were.

I picked up my dress and started to walk away.

“Let’s go – and never speak of this again” I said, shaking the leaves off my dress.

That’s when I felt my feet go out from under me

and down


down I fell.

To be concluded…

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