She can feel the bark of the tree between her thighs. It’s coarse and scratches at her delicate skin.

The sensation puzzles her. It both arouses her and makes her squirm.

It has been years since she was last nude in the countryside but when she drove down the track of her childhood home and saw she was the first of the family to arrive, she couldn’t help but indulge herself.

So off came her light purple singlet top and she slinked out of her cute little Sesame Street panties she found for $10 at her local store.

Down came her hair, which, as an experiment, she had been growing out.

Minutes later and completely naked, she rests against a fallen tree and watches the puffy white clouds in the sky.

A breeze picks up and with it, she can smell something damp. It reminds her of her childhood, where she danced nude in the rain one night when her parents trusted her with staying home alone one evening.

With that memory, the breeze skims across her nipples, tickling them. The same tickle trails down her pale body all the way to her bare cunt, freshly shaven as of yesterday evening. She giggles out loud. She can feel her arousal growing – and for some reason this makes her feel shy.

For a moment there, she sits and gathers her surroundings – the call of a crow, the faint howling of the trees around her. The tough bark at her back, across her ass, scratching at her. She wiggles on the spot so that the bark threatens to rub up the slit of her cunt.

She is at peace.


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