I’m still here

Just a quick little note: I don’t like it when I go to click on the icons of my lovely readers and see that their blog is discontinued. That always makes me wonder. Or grow sad.
I’m sure you/they have their reasons and that is none of my business whatsoever – I get that. But do you remember how I said in a blog – well a few blogs ago – how I have so much in my heart to care for so many of the folks kind enough to read my words and write in?  Well, I just hope you all are okay and happy / healthy.
So I guess here I am, posting this here for anyone feeling defeated in their life who may or may not be reading this. I can’t speak for anyone else but I definitely want to read your thoughts. And I know you/they decide if your write or not, so I get it if you stay in the shadows – fair enough. But I’m always reading. So I want to remind you that someone out there cares about your wellbeing and will always be floating around.


13 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. Sir, You are such a darling. As you may know I am not able to see my Sir at present … the range of extreme emotions that one goes through, just because you love someone is exhausting, and to think that maybe i am partly to blame for His stresses is so hard, but I wait with patience and lover – always


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