The Dominant’s Growl #6

As always, happy reading and if you have a nagging question, feel free to mail me or comment below and I will be there with the answer next week!

What is a favourite rule for your submissive and why?
A favourite rule is to have her message me each morning before she heads out for work, followed by a picture of the outfit I have planned for her. Sometimes I ask her to kneel, other times I ask for a specific task within the photo to pull but every day, that’s the rule.
As for why? Well, because of several reasons. Because I want her to, because it establishes my ownership for her, because it becomes part of her second nature, like making a coffee or how to drive. It’s important for this, I find, because it lets her know I’m there. She takes the photo with the idea in mind that I am looking forward to it when I check my messages. I hope to establish not only obedience but confidence, happiness and protocol. You’re beautiful, darling, and you’re mine.

How do you maintain your dynamic over an extended amount of time apart? (More time than usual, that is) 
If one of us is going away, I set certain tasks for her that she is to complete over the duration of time where I will be absent. This could be anywhere from calling me at certain times to masturbating in the shower or bath. Usually though, I tell her to write. Why? Because I feel it’s such an interesting method when it comes to dominance. It is something that forces the writer to think and evaluate and capture their thoughts. As such, I set word counts and essays for my pet to do. Topics like “your lesbian fantasy” or “what makes you a good submissive?” Are topics that force her to engage with. I do this because I want to help her articulate – because she’s a shy one and I know she has the words and is capable of such strength, so I ask her to explore. 
Now, usually I set tasks across however long I’m away. I will set times they are due and how they will be sent to me (I.E Facebook, text, email). By setting these tasks, I am maintaining our dynamic because I am always a presence in her day. She might go to work and focus on that task but it’s MY task that will be back in her mind and something that she will work to complete once she is home. I do this to let her know I’m there and by her side in spirit. Partly because I care so much but also because I need her to know I haven’t abandoned her, that she is still owned. That fulfilling the task at hand makes up for the fact that at those times I can’t be there to stroke her hair. 


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