In the supermarket


Regardless of the fact that we are walking in the middle of a crowded supermarket, I want to push up against the DVD kiosk there, pull up your dress and slide into you from behind.That way, everyone can see your bare pale ass and know it is I that claims you.

Oh you can squeal if you like. In fact, I’m hoping you make a scene because I want everyone to know how much of an animal are because I want them to know what they’re missing out on. 
So go on: struggle. Because I do love pushing the boundaries with you. I love to make you bruise. 

12 thoughts on “In the supermarket

  1. Uhhh feeling the rough edges of the kiosk scratching my body I am getting out of the first shock and trying not to push over the kiosk and all the dvds I feel Master’s hand separate my legs roughly and push his rock-hard manhood inside me with one harsh movement. .. I grab the rows of DVDs and try to suppress my moan when I feel he takes out his large cock completely only to ram my now soaking pussy harder again . I give a little squeal when he grabs my hair to pull my head back and whisper in my ears: yes little pet you are allowed to moan your desire for your Master out. ..

    Fuck I need it so much right now


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