The Open Window


Has this ever been you? The person standing naked in front of an open window? Maybe it’s at your home? Maybe it’s at a hotel you’re staying in for a holiday? 

What do you think about in such a moment? Do you hope to tease the viewer? Putting into view something they will never have: You.

Do you get a rush because you are a taken person and such behaviour is unusual. But what is the usual?

Do you linger there, your cock hardening or your cunt starting to drip? Do you dare touch or is the sensuality of the moment merely enough? How much is too much?
If you have never done such a thing – why not? Sure, there is always the risk of a madman peering at you but should we let such thinking subtract from our lives? 
Do me a favour, if you will: try it. Next morning, next holiday try undressing in front of an open window. Close your eyes and feel the gentle breeze, listen to your world. Be in that wonderful moment and Stoke that fire within you. 


17 thoughts on “The Open Window

  1. Getting hot just thinking about it! i was Master’s exhibitionist slut in an alley recently. As i was being taken, He looked up to see someone, cock in hand and groaning. He likes putting me in windows and commanding that i touch myself… for His pleasure and anyone else’s. ~~slave tasha 💜

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  2. I love standing in front of the window in whatever state of undress; I don’t give a lot of thought to who might see me.
    I particularly adore running out naked into the sunshine on a hotel balcony.
    It makes Alder very nervous!


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  3. I’ve to say that running out of the balcony window would an execution order for me in this country …but! I do enjoy performing a little show of nakedness in front of my open window. .. enjoying the breeze. Excited by the thought of a possible viewer. .. I may even masturbate and cum right in front of the window. . Touching my body everywhere. .. feeling goosebumps all over my body from the excitement it gives me. ..


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