Your Friendly Neighborhood Dominant…

I have this hunger to take care of people. It’s strange because if I found someone, say, on Fetlife, that was a victim of bullying for either their sexuality or body shaming or what have you, I would want to help that person as much as I can, so long as they wanted to talk to someone. 
I run a blog in which I leave the door open for people to talk to me. The stories I’ve heard, which I am grateful to be trusted enough to hear them, are shock me because so many people are confused about their desires and refer to themselves as freaks and this is not on.
I guess what I’m trying to say is: I have this never ending desire to be there for people who need a friendly ear, who need to talk to someone – anyone – about the scariest thoughts. If you’re such a person reading this, I’m here for you. Don’t hesitate to shoot a message my way. 




5 thoughts on “Your Friendly Neighborhood Dominant…

  1. You seem to be a very nice person! I adore people like you— a gem on a basket of rocks.

    Keep making people feel better. Keep being a good friend to EVERYONE. Keep spreading good intentions to the presently cruel world. We need more of you! 🙂

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  2. Whenever people are curious, I tell them about you. I appreciate so much that you are out here ❤
    You make the lifestyle seem so real and normal. We totally DO need more people out there like you!


  3. I know, I for one have greatly benefited from you help and can testify to how encouraging and easy to talk to you are.
    Thanks again for being there 💜


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