The best thing about writing this blog…


Do you know what the best thing about writing this blog is? It’s not that I’m writing for an audience, it’s not that I share my erotica with you all. Or my advice. No, it’s meeting the community and hearing their stories. I love talking to you all. Each and every one of you.

Whenever I load up my email, I hope to see a message from a reader because it brings a smile to my face and warms my heart that I can have a chance at helping someone and making them feel a little bit better, if need be.

It’s exciting for me as well, because I am also sharing someone’s beginning in a sense. I’m offering what advice I can so that they may go on and venture forth on their path.

I don’t know what I can possibly offer but hey. Hopefully something – anything – gets on your radar and helps you.

So, please. Do keep reading and do write in occasionally. I read every email and respond as quickly as I can.


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