The Dominant’s Growl #5

What are your thoughts on a submissive with an errant mouth? Acceptable ever or never?


 From my perspective, I would say it depends on the situation.

As a teacher, I employ certain rules and regulations which I expect my student to live their life by. It’s why I was chosen as teacher in the first place.

If there is reason for an errant mouth, I would hope that my student comes to me and says what is on her mind in a polite manner. If the words come tumbling out in either fear or anger, I will listen patiently. I am aware of an anxious mind and would not wish it upon my worst enemies. But there is a line to what can be said and if that line is crossed, I will either give a gentle warning or hand out a punishment.

If a submissive has an errant mouth for no reason whatsoever then yes, that is unacceptable and there will be consequences. I am all for nurturing my student so that she grows to become herself in a way that maybe she never realised but I will not accept insubordinate behaviour.

That being said, if being insubordinate is part of his or her biological make up, I will simply explore why this is so with that person. It’s what I offer to each and every one that comes across my blog. I am all for exploring why we behave in such a manner. Again, if there is reason behind it, I’d rather work to the bottom of the cause with my student so that we may come out stronger for it.

Also: My last post was 15 days ago? I can’t be away from this that long again.

6 thoughts on “The Dominant’s Growl #5

  1. Flawed as i may be, an anxious mind is seldom caused by Master. He knows me well enough to recognize it as anxiety rather than a sassy or bratty mouth. As His, the LAST thing i ever want Him to feel is any disrespect from me. 💜 Why yes TDD, 15 days is too long!


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