The Dominant’s Growl #4

Welcome back to the fourth instalment of The Dominant’s Growl. Today’s question is pulled from a random tumblr, as no one asked questions last week. Tsk tsk, people!

What are your views on collars? Have you collared someone before?
My views on collars are that they are a representation of ownership. That it represents love and commitment and is a sign of not only the Dominant’s protection but the submissive’s decision to give her or him that ownership in the first place. There’s a lot of beauty to be seen in the idea and look of the collar. It means so many things to me and there’s options now to customise a collar so that its personal to you both. I like that. I have done that with my kitten.
My kitten is my first true D/s relationship on every level. Every level. When I knew I wanted to collar her, I made sure it was in her interest too – and explained what it meant to me and what it means in general. Since she is a busy little bee in an office, we gave her a ‘social collar’. Yes, she has two. One for work and one she applies at home. Which I understand betrays certain people’s ideas of the idea of a collar but it works for us.

12 thoughts on “The Dominant’s Growl #4

  1. I think that is beautiful. It doesn’t have to be some thick black leather collar to be real. It could come in the form of a never seen anklet or toe ring that symbolizes the connection, submission and ownership the two of you have. Work collar, Home collar or No collar, as long as you both know in your hearts, it’s all just window dressing anyway. 🙂

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  2. This is an interesting topic, because I feel ‘very’ passionate about my collar. My Dom means a great deal to me. He helps me to be a better person. He inspires, teaches, instructs, and I submit completely. Yet… I have no ‘actual’ collar. We spoke about it, and at first he talked about it a lot, but then something odd happened. I began ‘feeling’ his collar all the time. Physically feeling it around my neck. Yet there is nothing there. And I know part of this is that I’m married, and D is respectful of that, and the fact that I have kids and can’t wear a collar in front of them. Also that I’m in the public eye at times, and need to be careful. But overall, the physical collar is fun, and he does put one on me sometimes, but I don’t need it. All I need is knowing I’m his slave. To feel the invisible collar there at ALL times. Might be a tantric thing, as we do engage in trantra and energy work, so feeling is a lot of what we do, but it’s interesting. While there is a part of me that would love a specialized collar with my name engraved, I also know that I don’t need it in order to know I’m him.

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  3. ne parle pas de vie rose bonbon ! personne a eu cette vie, moi inclus ! Je dis simplement que si ce que tu as vécu empoisonne chacune de tes relations……il faudrait p-e y remédier !!Il y as pas si longtemps, j’ai décidé d’arrêter tout ! De prendre le temps de regarder MA vie, de me regarder ds le miroir et de me demander où je désirais aller ds l’avenir, quelle sorte de filles je voulais attirer à partir de maintenant……etc &l&q;o;anbsp;régler&nbspu» certaines choses……

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