Fetlife in public 

I don’t go on fetlife much these days – but the next time I do, I should open it public just to give the general public a bit of a shock. Or, you know, expose them to heaven. 


7 thoughts on “Fetlife in public 

  1. i am just curious about what is not open to the public currently that You feel will shock the general public, Sir. i use to go on fetlife so nothing shocks me but i am now curious about Yours, Sir.


  2. I have been a Fetlife member for years. Basically I feel it’s a great way to meet people and communicate with others with whom you have similar likes and fetishes. The one awesome feature is the search engine. You can find local members in your area quite easily. I have connected with a number of them in my area. I also have developed quite a few long time friends from both the US and globally as sell, who I have remained friends with for many ears. What I mean by friends, are those who would be willing or I have met with from other areas, or have become phone pals.

    I will say, it is like many other on-line sites which offer a way to connect on may levels. Just like in life you meet those who are sincere, those who are simply looking for an opportunity to rub one off and disappear, and then there are those who are a waste of time. Sometimes it feels like high school. At times jealousies and competition for one member’s attention can be crazy. I frankly refuse to play that game.

    The management of Fetlife in my estimation is better than most. They are engaged in activities when called upon or there is a need. They strictly adhere to some specific standards, which have evolved over the last few years regarding some taboo’s.

    While I have some basic complaints, things and member that rub me the wrong way, it’s a place I still find valuable to be a part of and devote time to.

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  3. No one cares. The general public is not as shocked by BDSM as people in BDSM want to think they would be. It just makes BDSM people feel special to imagine they are doing something so outrageous. Mostly the public would just go ‘meh’. I mean BDSM is a part of the landscape mum’s read 50 shades in their millions. One of the annoying things about BDSM is people who get all precious about it.


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