Why is same sex marriage such an issue?


What I’m about to say is probably no different than what’s across many other blogs but nevertheless, I like to think my voice counts for something.

This is going to spark discussion, hopefully not one that is hateful because I won’t allow it on my blog. But I hope people respect my opinion and others as well.

I don’t understand why same-sex marriage ever was an issue. I get people hanging onto religion and old world thinking and why it ever was refused but I mean, I just don’t get how someone – anyone – could not look at a homosexual man or woman and go DAWWWWW.


Love is love, friends. Ain’t that a beautiful thing? I see two women or two men and giggle to myself. There’s beauty right there, why has it been so hard for people to see? Okay, so: people fear what they don’t understand. But isn’t love universal? And why did we ever refuse it to a group of people? Why is it spoken about in the rooms of politicians?


In Australia, it’s yet to pass. There’s a plebiscite coming next year but we’ll see what comes of it. It’s a shame, really. A shame for the people that want a gathering to shout their love and a shame for me that would want to attend a wedding between two men or women so I can giggle and go DAWWW at the love. There’s also the slight chance of me sexualising things but I’m a man, forgive me.


Sexualising the whole thing probably adds to the issue. But again, sex is sex so what’s the issue here? If you want to throw the term ‘unholy’ around, straight sex is just as unholy. I know the passionate love between my pet and I is unholy ๐Ÿ˜‰ – but again, isn’t that beautiful? Sex is beautiful. Gyrating bodies are beautiful.

So what’s the dealio world?


19 thoughts on “Why is same sex marriage such an issue?

  1. It’s the age old cry of “this is a Christian country” or “marriage is between a man and a woman, anything else is wrong”. Except it’s not and only religion says so and religion has no place in politics. If everyone is to be treated equally by the law, then we can’t have one set of beliefs put above everyone else’s, no matter what that belief is or how old it is or how many people still subscribe to it. You’re right. It’s such a non-issue. Pass the damn law already.

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  2. I’m perplexed by the obsession with how people engage sexually with each other. My sister is gay and I spend zero time when I am with her and her partner wondering about their sex life. They interact most of the time as my husband and I do, which is primarily without any genitalia involved. Our marriage is not based upon how WE have sex, which would also be a problem in our church. (Never mind our BDSM tendencies.) No one asked us how we liked it when we applied for a marriage license!

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  3. When the law passed here, I made my Facebook profile picture a rainbow to celebrate, and I got attacked so badly. Why? Because I’m married to a man and it was a cliche. Needless to say, I deleted the hateful people and will continue to do so. But I had my fun first. I made sure each and every one of them knew I was pansexual, kinky, and poly, and that I’d celebrate when plural marriage is allowed too. The poor, uninformed people just didn’t know what to say to me. haaaa They thought I was straight and hetero. Cause, you know, I’m not open and public about it or anything, *coughs* while posting public blog to Facebook. Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love.


    1. Haha! Good on you. It must mess with them, for a good friend to come out to them. In a good universe, that might change their perception. But ah well. If I were you, I would’ve been like “and I have loads of sweaty naked sex with women. All the time. And it. IS. FABULOUS”

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  4. In my country any kind of sex except the one between husband and wife is unholy.

    I’m married and I love my husband. We do have beautiful satisfying sex many times a week… but its just vanilla and soft …well not too soft now … through the years I have guided it to just a little mild kinky sex… asked Him to fuck my mouth hard …or do some anal…but my husband isn’t into hard core bdsm stuff. .. and I’m too shy to ask him to bound me and spank me etc.that is , I’m afraid I’d scare him off!

    Im not getting better though…. I feel like a sub who’s Master has left her…
    I need spanking so I get a rubber ruler to do it to myself. .. I use clothes pins on my body, tits and nipples. ..I bound my tits and body except for arms and legs and wear my clothes over it . And go out and enjoy the thrill. ..

    Yet it doesn’t end there… I feel excited by seeing another sexy woman … I find myself wondering how her tits would feel under my hands… how her pussy would taste…

    So frustrating

    I could have been a slave/pet for a free minded Master in another country who would share me with other men and women…

    Mabe in another life

    Sorry for the blabbering ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    I feel so connected with you that I could talk freely

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