The Dominant’s Growl #3


How do you establish and maintain consistency with your sub? With yourself?


I run a tight ship. I have rules and protocols that run each and every day. Each morning she has her tasks, each night she has her tasks. If she forgets for whatever reason, maybe she is down, busy, whatever; I will gently remind her and gently warn her to not forget again.

So these rules act as a guideline as such but there’s also room to account for, say, illness, the dreaded ‘blergh’ feeling or what have you. These rules are not only for my submissive but also for myself.

As much as I enjoy dressing her, setting tasks and so forth, she likes being dressed, having tasks set and so forth. She wants this as much as me and so there is that protocol there to be there for her and her wellbeing and her spirit as much as my own. I dress her daily and I expect her to follow orders and etiquette. She wants to be dressed daily and looks to my guidance for this.

Have questions? Let’s hear them. Either in the comment section below or forwarded to my email. Let’s not be shy now!

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