Today, I thought I’d test myself as a writer. I’ve done erotica before, that was fun. I’ve done girl-on-girl pieces, which is a typical male fantasy so even easier. But I realised in order to challenge myself, I needed to write outside of my usual forms of interests. I wanted to see if I could operate as a writer outside of what I personally enjoy. So this one is for fans of my work. Let me know how I did

– TD&D

I stand fully naked before him, my cock enlarged.
He is kneeling just inches away from me, his eyes big and mystified at what he sees.
The anticipation is driving me wild myself. I can feel my cock pulsating and begging to be worshipped.
I grip his hair, he howls in pain but I don’t give a fuck.
“Take me. “ I say lowly. “Take me, you fucker”
His mouth slides over my cock, I feel the wetness of his tongue. It is exhilarating.
I can’t help it – a moan escapes my lips. I pull him further into me. He gags but I don’t give a fuck, I’m thrusting into his mouth.
A thought hits me in that second: something someone said in a TV show…or was it a book? Everyone is capable of being bisexual. I guess this is true, for here is this man, hands stroking my thighs, working my cock..ooh…the slightest flick of his tongue around my shaft..fuck.
My hips are swaying into his face and then his hands wander to my ass, he grips it and gags a little more.
I find myself moaning, getting dizzy, frantic, pounding his face into submission, getting a rhythm down pat.
He stops to take a breath. I let him, fuck it. He kisses down my thigh, taking my balls into his mouth and suckling softly. I moan louder.
He goes to grip his own cock but I smack him away.
“No. Don’t you fucking dare”
I’m close, who gives a fuck about him. I force his mouth to my cock once and work him again – faster, harder. I feel it building, it’s rising, his wet mouth is heaven, fucking heaven.
Then it hits, blinding pleasure. A grunt comes out of me and I pull out and blow my load all over his sweet, eager mouth. I don’t give a fuck where my cum lands.


13 thoughts on “Animalistic

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and if I may, I suggest you write a book of erotica. You have quite the mind for it. Although, like my own cuming book, I would categorize this as more ‘Book Porn’ than ‘Erotica’. -E


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