The Dominant’s Growl: #1 – Can a Dom Kneel?


Due to readers enjoying my Q/A series of 30 Days of Kink, I have decided to start a new series – one that is based off a few blogs I have seen here or there that do The Dominant Prompts.

So, welcome to The Dominant’s Growl, a little Q/A series I’ll be putting up every (Australian) Monday.
If you have a question, leave it in the comment section below and I’ll catalogue it to be answered in a future entry, so long as people enjoy my writing.

Today’s question I have borrowed from somewhere that escapes my tired mind:

Can a Dom kneel?

Can they? Sure, I think so. I know I do.
Why? Because the way I see it, that’s part of the personality.
If my submissive happens to be having a shitty day and her head is lowered, I will automatically kneel to get closer to her.
If I order her to kneel at my feet so I can come on her tits, I will kneel just to run my mouth along the tits that are mine to devour.

To me, a Dominant can still kneel because He/She is still worshipping you in his or her own way. And that’s just part of the personality, part of them taking you under their wing and reigniting their ownership.

So: Questions! Let me read them if you have them and if not, I’ll just keep writing!

10 thoughts on “The Dominant’s Growl: #1 – Can a Dom Kneel?

  1. What a great post! You are so edgy, untainted and honest. I can never get enough.

    Question: Before getting into a D/s relationship. When two people are “courting” each other, should this be like any other relationship? I ask because I am finding it hard for a “Dom/Master” to be patient in choosing their sub/slave. I on the other hand would rather wait a year to make sure I have chosen the right person as oppose to jumping into things a bit too early. Is this selfish of me in ways other than looking out for my own self-interest?

    I know a little long-winded ha! I have always appreciated your input and insight. 😉

    ~slave bri


  2. This is an interesting piece. I have many thoughts regarding this and it has been a topic of discussion for me for a long time. In your words……”If my submissive happens to be having a shitty day and her head is lowered, I will automatically kneel to get closer to her.”….That is a kind act on the part of a Dom…..but…..”If I order her to kneel at my feet so I can come on her tits, I will kneel just to run my mouth along the tits that are mine to devour.”…….is not to genuinely answering the quest…..Can a Dom Kneel?

    If you are bending over to “get at” her in some physical way……you may as well be bending over to pick up a pencil. I believe the actual question posed was……will you in fact ever kneel to your sub……does he or she have “something” that makes even you vulnerable… there some aspect of her being….physical or emotional that might in some unique instance bring you to your knees?

    I have. I can honestly and without fear of judgement as a Dominant admit there have been moments where I have fallen to my knees, physically, or emotionally to my sub. I may be unique in this… subs are individuals with whom I have a great affection ……..I believe when you love someone you have vulnerability… deny this vulnerability behind the mask of being “The Dom”….would be a falsity in the face of genuine human response, based on the bond of trust.

    I look back remember moments such as these, not all sexual. Many times it was an emotional moment that was about the chemistry of the relationship. Other times it was physical. When I fall in love with someone it is always an emotional/intellectual connection, first….but there ‘s always something about them physically, that makes me tremble. I currently have a Fem boy sub. She, yes I call her she…..has an amazing ass…..her pink little “pussy” makes me weak….shiver with desire. She loves how I take her, filling her completely. I love that incredible feeling of claiming her…….but there have been moments in our lets call it “fore play”….when she bends over to ….”pick up a pencil”…….her tight hole is revealed…..I just might find myself on my knees licking that object of desire…..before I stand and take her, holding by her long hair…..pulling her back into me…….my vulnerabilities always being the center and catalyst of my desire and affection…..


    1. Ah, wise words indeed. Thank you for your points. They are quite insightful. In the question, I was attempting to answer different ways in which you can put it. You put it more eloquently than I ever could put it. I’m both impressed and a little embarrassed

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  3. Thank you very much D & D…..I find your words and journey interesting and intriguing. You ask poignant questions digging deep into your soul……I love that in a man, a Dominant…..we all grow, day by day, from one relationship to the next. I find you insightful as well. I love reading your blog… brings me back to my own reality and past mistakes…..and success’s……


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