I punished her today


I punished her today.
I didn’t want to. I didn’t enjoy it, but I felt I had to and the punishment felt right to me.
I asked to take a photo of her and upon showing her, she claimed she was hideous.
I’m no stranger to low self esteem, I know how it feels. So I gently reminded her not to talk about my best friend, my kitten and my soul mate like that.
In her disagreement, she rudely cut me off and began talking.
That was okay, I understood how it can feel to be harsh on oneself. So I warned her not to speak back to me like that and to remember the rules she agreed to upon becoming mine.
At the risk of making her feel cornered, I finished my sentence and let it be. But she spoke back, defiantly a second later.

Having none of that, I again stated that I understand how one might feel about themselves but that wasn’t at all how you really are and definitely not how I saw her.

That being said, I told her to go to her room and write ten lines of what I wanted her to say.
Every time I punish her, I make sure she understands the error and then I send her on her way.

I don’t like it, but I believe in being strict. I run a tight household and expect her to follow etiquette and to be polite.


11 thoughts on “I punished her today

  1. Oh how this has reminded me how much i Miss Mr F… 3 days and i am back in Blighty and then hopefully it’s only a matter of a few days more before i shall see Him.

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      1. Sir, thank you – this little slave simply cannot wait. But now the doubt sets in whether or not she has done her task well enough…


  2. SB starting asking me to take photos of myself for Him. At first it seemed to just be the usual “I want nude pics” sort of thing. In the end, it became a breakthrough for me feeling more beautiful and comfortable with myself. 💜


      1. Thank you, sir. You continue to inspire so many, and I appreciate your willingness to teach and be a strong voice in our community. It helps me press forward when my submissive mind feels unmoored and chaotic. Please keep doing what you do.

        Lady Grey


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