Pay Attention To Your Dreams


I woke up with a throbbing hard cock.
My dreams started coming back to me. But only fragments, like pieces of glass from a broken window.
I remember standing by the beach, my toes sinking into the sand.
You were on your knees, mouth open and waiting for my warm come to spray against your mouth and tongue.
You waited patiently on your knees, kneeling naked in the cool afternoon. You were sinking into the sand. And then came the waves, crashing against your bare ass.
Your orders were to kneel at the point of the beach where the waves could just reach you. But you had to stay upright because I was about to mark that sweet body of yours.
Can you imagine? The sand at your knees? The ocean crashing against the edges of your bare ass?
The breeze that the cool water brings to your body?
And the idea that any moment you are going to be marked by my warm come, that it’s going to hit your tits and run past your nipples to your stomach. Or would you rather it hit your tongue. Would you rather it hit your throat?

I woke up after this dream and caught myself grinding my cock into the bed. In my half awake state, thoughts came to mind, ideas of what I can do to my pet. Not just of the dream but other stuff that the dream brought to mind. I had my twisted ideas wake me from my slumber and propel me to work.
No, I’m not talking about the grinding into the bed but of tasks that will be set for her.

Dreams are a funny sensation. Sometimes meaningful, sometimes nonsensical, sometimes a random premonition dream that comes true. If you have a sexual dream, pay attention to it. It’s trying to tell you something. If it’s surreal, then isolate the weirdness and find that gold nugget. It’s usually there. And if you’re anything like me and dreaming sexually a fair bit, you’ll find some inspiration from the dream scape.

So your writing exercise, should you choose to accept it, is to reflect on a sexual dream you might have had recently. What was it about? Was it out of the ordinary? Did you either ignore it or use it as inspiration? Forward responses to my email!

In closing, pay attention to your dreams. Not only the serious ones that you never wished you had but the ones that wake you up horny. It could be used as inspiration or to reveal a truth about you you never knew!


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