A quick thank you

I wanted to put a little thank you to each and every person that passes by my blog and comments on it. Some of you even come to me for a chat and advice beyond the blog and that touches me. I want to say that all are welcomed to open a dialogue at my email 24/7, never hesitate.

I wanted to thank you all for that and especially for trusting me with the details of your lives.
When I have been low and anxiety-ridden, I have looked to helping you all as much as I can and that boosts my spirit and warms my heart.

So thank you to each and everyone of you for trusting me, because in helping you, you give me something to fight towards and work with and that calms the creature in me.

And I hope that you continue to write to me because I love to keep helping as much as I can.

Okay, I’ll hop off the soap box now.


12 thoughts on “A quick thank you

  1. Hi there!
    I read your blog everyday and I long for my Dom to speak about me the same way you speak about your pet. Though I haven’t been the greatest pet and I understand frustration on his side. We’ve just gone from a long distance (3000mile) relationship, with frequent enough visits to each other, to living together. Obviously grumpiness, long days at work, worry, etc can get in the way. I’m wondering if you have any advice as to how I can remind myself to give him me entirely, to not hold back and be afraid, and to cater to him better than I ever have. I want it to be like it used to before we moved in, where he possessed me and obsessed me, where all I could think about was doing things for him.

    Anyhow, my blog is slaveandmastermusings.wordpress.com

    Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    1. Hello there. It’s hard for me to comment without knowing more about your relationship dynamic. How long have you been together? Are you finding him (for want of a better word) weak in real life as opposed to him on the net? Regardless, a key component here is to remind yourself of where you belong. If you are finding difficulty in this, chances are he’s neglecting you as your Dominant. Write a mantra you can recite daily that reminds you of him and his love and power over you. Always be willing to serve him at all times, with speech patterns – “No, Sir, yes Sir” and with keeping to his organised etiquette. Please contact me if you need further conversation and it is too private to utter here.

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      1. We’ve been together about a year now, but have only been in a bdsm relationship since February. It was long distance until we moved in together at the start of June. It was a huge step, which I am so grateful for. I just get frustrated sometimes and step out of place. Becoming more combative and not as into it as I both want and need to be. He is definitely not weak at all, he has such a strong, dominating personality, which I respect and love. I do have a mantra. I think real life of working and chores and being together all the time has hit us, which I believe is normal, but I’ve been a bit overcome with worry and fear which has made me an ill-behaved pet. I can’t wait to go him after work (finally! Been such a long day!) and surprise him with how good I can be for him. I just want to make sure not to lose this motivation and desire again.

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  2. Sir, your words have given me so much… They have helped put fears and worries of things of no consequence away where they belong. You Sir are a rare treasure – thank you.


      1. i did! i saw that You had commented on one of the other blogs i follow, them realized i had not seen Yours on my feed. i’ll check it out.


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