30 Days of Kink – Day #30: The Last Day

So, the other day I asked about what the readers would like me to write about for my last day in the activity – and a fairly popular one was prostate milking. So I thought I’d briefly write about it before moving on to a different topic.

It certainly looks like it’d be sensual but to me, It’s not really my thing. I think it would hurt more than anything, although I am well aware of ways you can ease into that sort of thing. But yeah, interesting, experimental. But not for me.

Seeking Zen asked How did I met my pet and how did things lead to her wanting to be in this lifestyle?

We’ve actually been friends for quite a few years now but then life got in the way and well, we fell out of touch. It was only by chance that we bumped into each other, actually. She was on my friend, one reflective day, and I reached out and it was like nothing had ever changed, that time stood still. And the more we spoke, the more it was clear that something was between us and here we are.

As for how things developed into leading her into the lifestyle? One night we got on to talking about sexual interests and I revealed I was a Dominant. She asked a lot of questions like why? What do you like your submissive to do? That sort of thing. And the more answers I revealed, the more she discovered that this was something she always wanted and that the men she was with previously were not into that. So I took her under my wing and we did extensive training for a month or two – I made her read textbooks, I helped with her speech training and etiquette that was important to me and I helped discover her tastes and boundaries. I pushed her – though gently.

So, she’s discovered she was more submissive than she originally thought and that her behaviour patterns and actions were all part of her true nature, which is she embracing beautifully now.


So, that’s the end of the challenge! I hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts. I have a lot more content coming that I am working on, so be prepared because it’s going to be dark.


9 thoughts on “30 Days of Kink – Day #30: The Last Day

  1. Are there people in kink who use deep penetrating eyes not knowing that they could be perceived as being romantic when there full intention is to use them as a sex tool rather than as something that might be perceived by someone who is clearly more vanilla as something that is romantic. What are the uses of deep penetrating eyes as perceived by the dominant male. Thanks in advance for an expanded discussion on this topic.


    1. I’m sure eye contact can be taken out of context in any environment. It’s always good to communicate with your mouth as well as your body though – just to be on the same wavelength! For me, the eyes are the gateway to the soul. There’s an intimacy there that’s beautiful and at the same time, I like using my eyes to command.

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      1. They should but there can be ways of manipulating language and I wish I could list them where someone might mislead. I think the only way out of such a situation is to make sure it only lasts for a short period of time before you say I want a commitment or I’m leaving. I think many people wind up screwed by putting too much into someone else. But the eyes may be lovely as hell and eyes can tell lies they are not necessarily mirrors to the soul. Mirrors to the soul at the moment. In fact that’s one of the best ways to look at things is to understand that eyes can tell lies.

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  2. Thank you for answering my question, sir. It is a lovely answer; I’m very happy for you and your beloved.

    You are a good soul. Having a dark side does not diminish that. Psychology advances that everyone has a “shadow” personality. By embracing your shadow, you deprive it of its power to haunt and sabotage you.

    I know it is you who is usually fascinated by others, but I am fascinated by you! In part because of how your keen self awareness has allowed you to evolve. It makes me sad to hear that you struggle with anxiety, for I am familiar with its ravages.

    I wish you peace, sir.


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