30 Days of Kink – Day #28: How do you dress for kink?

How do you dress for kink/BDSM play? What significance does your attire have to you?

I don’t really dress, the significant aspect here for me is my voice and body language. I let my voice and body command her attention and let my eyes to lock her into place. I’m told my eyes have that intense effect and for me personally, I appreciate eye contact.

That being said, in moments where we role play — yeah, I’ll dress in attire appropriate to the setting. I do like a good suit. I like tearing out my belt and choking her with it, for starters.
More than that though, it can be a rich experience setting a scene and wearing specific attire to set the scene.


15 thoughts on “30 Days of Kink – Day #28: How do you dress for kink?

  1. Oh, I think it matters greatly. We dress or undress entirely for our Masters and I feel it is only right and proper they do the same. Not always in best ‘bib and tucker’ but with a little forethought. I am an old fashioned kinda girl. I hope I have not spoken out of turn, but it’s not just about the clothes muddled and blissful lying on the floor, it’s about how they got there … It’s the time it took to get them there …


  2. i most sincerely hope i have not spoken out of turn, but … i feel so strongly about this. Silly you may say, – what does it matter… But it does.


      1. Thank you kind Sir. I am an english rose of an old world that is sadly dying. With Mr F, He allows me these little elegancies because He knows how much i love the little things. Oh and sometimes, a Master in His Black Pinstripe Saville Row suit and white shirt – oh – oh – how heavnely, or slacks and a white shirt…. i do have a thing about men and Masters in freshly laundered white shirts.

        Sir, as i have you for a moment – i cannot thank you enough for your writings on slave or submissive – you have no idea quite how mind and heart cofirming they were – I thank you so so much


      2. Wow. Well I’m just a regular man just writing my two cents but if I’ve touched your heart as deeply as you say, well I’m flattered. Thank you, I’m glad my words resonate with you. I do love hearing from you! You should write in more often.


      3. well Sir, you and Annie B and others have given me back my ‘groove’, so to speak. like all the other divine creatures, their Masters, Sirs and Daddy’s, Mr F and i find our own way, but sometimes it just takes one person to be cruel and superior to shake such precious foundations. but then i have found you and the others and i am so grateful for her cruel words as your own words make such sense to me, fit me and Mr F so well. they had given me a belief back in me that i had lost somewhere…. im a bit careless – my memory is very damaged… – anyway, forgive my ramblings, and thank you – you are an extraordinary man with great empathy and its a pleasure and an honour to know you.

        i have started writing again slowly. Mr F is away on such a well earned leave in hot places and i and my daughter are off on sunday to corfu to see her dad and grandparents – i sleep on deck of the boat – so when i am there i shall fiinish the story of our last encounter – which was supremely delicious … and start writing dirty stories again- which i am good at and do make me smile a filthy smile… i have changed my blog and have finally figured out about the catorgries which will make it easier for Him to pick and choose – anyway, i love your writings – you inspire me x


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