Why are people so offended by nudity?

prone on beach

Scrolling through my news, I came across this bit of information and you can colour me perplexed.
I’ve always been pretty open about my nudity throughout my life so far and never really understood why people turn their noses up at it. Granted, you can’t walk in to your local supermarket butt naked but when it comes to stripping, say, beaches of its optional nudity status? That I don’t understand.
In the article I linked to, a reason for doing away with the nudity option was because population is booming and the beach in question is a popular beach.
What if a family want to take their children to a beach and the closest one available is the one with clothing optional? Well, so be it. Nudity is nothing to be frowned upon and children might find it helpful to their growth. It is indeed a tricky situation but I know I grew up with a lot of thoughts about how nudity was ‘gross’ or doing something nude was wrong or filthy and I don’t particularly think that’s a healthy thing for children to grow up with.
Granted, everyone are entitled to their way of thinking. I kind of wish I could challenge their thought process and open their minds — or at least challenge the years and years of inbuilt they received from their parents.

Then there’s the idea of pushing those in the community that embrace their nudity away from the community because of their lifestyle. Kind of like society pushing those away from the ‘socially respectable’ people because they like the breeze on their skin and the sensuality and freedom that comes with swimming nude. Why are these people being isolated because they prefer to go nude? I don’t understand why it is such a big deal in people’s minds. Certainly exposure to nude folk might help the development of, say, the children and teenagers that will be at this particular beach? And if we want to talk about sexual predators, I’m sure those despicable folk are around regardless of places being clothing optional.

So should people cover up? I don’t think so. It’s sort of like swearing – we apply meaning to these words and make them offensive. Fuck is just a word, like ‘whatever’ or ‘Queer’. But we made it offensive. Faggot was a pile of sticks until we adopted it for homosexuals and now nudity is seen as nothing but foul and indecent and inappropriate, when it is natural and beautiful.

But this is it. This is my opinion. A mother of three might think differently about the exposure to her family and all the power to her. I just don’t understand why this is so. But I won’t take up any more of your time, my dear reader. I will leave you with this beautiful picture.



26 thoughts on “Why are people so offended by nudity?

  1. My mother of two doesn’t think differently. It’s just a body; one of my most precious possessions and, if I listen closely, one of my best advisors in life. Everyone has the same bits, everyone has similar doubts about their appearance and capabilities. Clothing is a social construct meant to alleviate some of that anxiety and bring attention back to the personhood. #fashionfail Trust me, even non-nudist mothers get the point.

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  2. Interesting topic. I am the mother of 3 and I have no problem with nudist beaches, but we haven’t ever gone to them with our kids. For one we don’t live near the coast. But next opportunity I will encourage at least a dash across such sands for a clothes free ocean dip. It feels good to have the sun on your skin!


  3. I, personally, couldn’t, wouldn’t go to a nudist beach. However, I don’t judge those that do enjoy them. It’s not my place to do so. Judge not lest thee be judged yourself! However, we all are, in fact, born nude. Maybe, possibly, there’s a nudist in all of us. Food for thought.


      1. There is a method to everyone’s madness, so to speak. My Sir and I would have to drive miles to a beach and I believe if we were secluded, we most definitely would be nude! Lol!!!


      2. Yes there is, especially since we had our own cabin with NO ONE around for miles and nature. Sir and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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  4. Blah!! We have been nude in the mountains on our 10 year anniversary. LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Sir has never been to the ocean, I have, and we’ve both been to the mountains. THAT is where I love to be with Him!!!


  5. I think the issue with nudity is bad logic, which equates nudity with sex. And because it’s considered inappropriate or harmful for those under 18 to be having sex, it leads to the conclusion that it’s inappropriate for those under 18 to be nude or around nudity.

    I think it’s basically the same issue around breastfeeding. Society erroneously considers breasts as an erogenous zone with no other function, and bad logic equates unclothed breasts with sex. This results in people getting their knickers in a twist when a mother wants to feed her child in public.

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  6. Anthropologically? All cultures eroticize different parts of the human form (The upper arm in parts of India, The buttocks and upper thighs for the Maasai and Samburu, female nipples and genitalia in The West … etc. etc.). It is very likely that regardless of evolving ideas of human agency and “decency”, humans will always have a taboo “body part” that is reserved for a partner or partners, maybe due to pair-bonding activities and to create intimacy.
    It’s funny, that in most parts of the world breasts are just an appendage for feeding babies, yet here in the U.S. those people will be censored on television.

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      1. The manner in which humans adorn their bodies (and symbolic behaviors in general) is my second passion in life, it was my senior thesis and my concentration in university. If ever I decide to get my Master’s degree, that is what my field work will be.


      2. Also, I should add: I really really want to get a Penis Gourd for my Master — like the traditional penis gourds in the highlands of Papua New Guinea — But He is not on board with this idea for some insane reason!


  7. As someone that will get their top off at any opportunity (and has been known to frequent the occasional nudist beach), society’s attitude to the naked human body is pretty sad. Why is it such a huge thing to be naked in public? We should be comfortable in our own skin and recognise that the body isn’t dirty or overtly sexual, without us making it so. We were born this way and we only become ashamed of our bodies when the people around us tell us this is how we should feel, this is normal.


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