My Lolita


My Dear Lolita,

I hope this sees you well. I hope you are not too alarmed. I trust the bed you are chained to is comfortable. I hope the cuffs that bind you aren’t too hard on your wrists. I hope your high school uniform feels fresh and pleasant for you and not causing discomfort.

I have taken the liberty of slipping you into a fishnet body stocking. I think it hugs your body nicely, don’t you think?

Hopefully you have woken up before I return. Where have I gone, you wonder? I am running some errands for tonight.

Please look to your right. You should see a brown shelf. On this shelf you should find a paddle, a double ended dildo and a vibrator – your favourite colour, my dear, Purple – and nipple clamps. Personally, I am excited to see you embrace these devices tonight. I think you will surprise even yourself with how much you might embrace them. Time will tell how you take these items.

You see, my dear Lolita, I have been watching you for some time. I have seen you curse your friends when you are alone, I have seen the tears fall from your eyes. I have seen you use your hair clips on your nipples as you masturbate while you lay in your bed.

 I have seen that no one understands you. Maybe you don’t even understand your place in the world. Maybe you’re like me, that you weren’t meant to fit in. 

Which is why tonight will be your graduation night. Tonight, my Lolita, I will show you that you belong to a world, just not this one. Before we are done, I will enlighten your mind and make you feel beautiful, as you were always meant to feel. You will experience pain like you have never felt before , but it is pain that can heal you, that can cause comfort. 

You will not walk out of this graduation with your past self, the person your parents have named you. You will walk out as Lolita, my fierce baby girl, ready to take on every obstacle this world wants to throw at you.

Oh dear, I am rambling now. If you are awake and reading this, do not panic. I am showing you a world full of wonders of which you have never known. Please make yourself at home until I return.

Sincerely yours,



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