30 Days of Kink – Day #10: Hard Limits

What are your hard limits?

I’d like to think I am pretty down-to-earth and experimental. If my pet were to come to me with an idea, something I pride myself on by the fact that she has, I would be all ears and try it. You owe it to yourself, really. However, there always a line you cannot cross and I’ll list a few here:

I’d also like to state that these are my hard limits so if you find something you like on here, please don’t take offence. And remember, you look fabulous today!

Scat play: Nope. A thousand times nope. Nada, Nein, No thank you. Foul.

Threesomes / gang banging: I’ll group these in together because they are of similar notion. I don’t share. IF or WHEN my pet would like to down the road, ehhhhhhh……no point discussing variables. I don’t share. There’s something in me that’s possessive and animalistic and that’s not good. Before you know it, jugular’s are torn out and that’s not fun in any circumstance

Bestiality: Can’t say this is for me. I don’t like the notion much at all.

Sleep deprivation: I am all for torture but I think this one is unhealthy, mainly because I have hallucinated on lack of sleep so I would hate to see what it might to do to someone else’s mind, particularly if they are relying on you/

Electricity: Too extreme for my tastes. I may be a bastard in scene but In truth, I am a softie. This seems a bit strange for me.


5 thoughts on “30 Days of Kink – Day #10: Hard Limits

  1. Really…a threesome you wouldn’t consider? What if your sweet little open minded pet shared her fantasy to be with another woman with you, but she was scared to do it alone. And so she asked that you share a woman with her so she could experience this with guidance and support. This you wouldn’t do?

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