30 Days of Kink – Day #7: Your Favourite Toy


What’s your favourite toy?

My pet is. I love exploring her body, running my hands down her stomach and across her legs. I love feeling how wet she is. How warm and inviting her body is for me and me only.

One time I slipped into bed after a long day, with her sleeping sweetly beside me. Feeling horny, my hand’s trailed down between her legs. The beautiful thing here is that she parted her legs in her sleep, her body knowing that it belonged to me.

I love dressing her up to whats in my head: my own personal doll.

I love experimenting with her. We are so much in sync that I can come to her, tell her what I want her to do and she will smirk and rise to the challenge, just to please me.

I love making her come. I love gliding my fingers over clit. I love feeling them become slick with her wetness and I love hearing her react until her whole body quakes. It brings me immense pleasure to hear her come.

I love eating her out. My mouth waters just thinking about it. I love the taste of her. I love how it lingers throughout my day. How a memory can bring her scent back to my mind.

I love that she will not come until I give her permission. She asks every time and I couldn’t be more proud of her manners.

I love teasing her till she’s out of her mind. I get quite hard knowing she is flipping out mentally, begging for that sweet release AND I AM IN CHARGE.

I like pushing her buttons. Either when she is being bratty and I pull rank or sexually, when my cock is within reach of her mouth but I won’t let her have it.

I could’ve picked something like a cock ring, like her favourite vibrator but in reality, she is my best friend, my soul mate and she is my favourite toy. I like to play with her every day. This can be psychological and entirely non sexual or it can be entirely sexual, heh.

Lastly, I love this image in relation to my pet. Perhaps I’m being pretentious but I think this image suits her to me. She’s a complex creature. Sexual and dark and lively and wondrous and yet mysterious and complicated. I love how her face is in focus but her body is not. What treasures are there to discover beyond her face? Mmm.


One thought on “30 Days of Kink – Day #7: Your Favourite Toy

  1. Very well said. You show the part that vanilla people dont understand about our dear sadists, that they can and do care for and cherish their pets and subs. Touching. I hope your pet gets to read this, its an honor to her.

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