18th Century Eroticism Revisited


Can we all just stop what we are doing and appreciate the sensuality of this photo?

My God.

Have I mentioned before that I need to belong in a world like this? Domineering men, fair maidens. The pale untouched flesh hidden away by some of the most beautiful dresses ever to grace the world? It seems to me that I am a man from that era in the modern world. My pet, who loves her dresses, is seemingly inhabited by the soul of a woman from the same era. It must be, there is no other explanation for it. Its like yin and yang, two things that come together for balance.

The pale white flesh hidden behind that delicately woven dress. How I yearn to turn that pale flesh raw. Raw and red and blistering. How I’ll giggle when the little dove tries to sit down in an important gathering and wince. Only her and I will know what transpired the night before. Delightful.

I wonder: Will she come back to me? Alone, confused. Unable to understand why she is before me again, craving my open hand? Will she bend over by choice in this moment or will she crave my Dominance once more?

I have a task for you all. A quest. Something small. Something to complete when you have the time. Find me an image of a woman in old fashioned style, similar to the one above, that appeals to you most and list why? Happy hunting!


12 thoughts on “18th Century Eroticism Revisited

  1. Firstly, let me say that the picture is magnificent.
    And, that note … I would like some advice on a current situation and dynamic I am in at the moment. However, I really don’t want to share it publicly. Is there another way to ask for advice where I can keep my story private?


  2. I could not agree with you more. The elegant Renaissance woman. As you say, what beauty of a white “dove” clothed in such magnificent dresses and corsets. It has been a while since I have met someone who enjoys this era for the same erotically beautiful reasons.
    Thank you for this!

    ~slave bri
    Oh and that picture says so much in such a simple context…magnificent choice TD&D


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