30 Days of Kink – Day #2: LIST YOUR KINKS

List my kinks? Oh boy. We could be here all day. Some of you might even get scared. It’s about to get dark so if you can’t handle it, feel free to look away now and come back when the mood fits.

For those that are still there – and for those that couldn’t bring themselves to look away – let’s jump into my mind.


Squeezing the life out of her while I get her off. Delicious.


See also: The Call of the whip. Why whipping? The red arse, the little grunts of pleasure mixed with pain. The sound of the whip hitting her arse. I’m in control. Beautiful.

When I’m feeling particularly nasty, I like to vent out my aggression in a Rape Fantasy. Do you have any idea what it is like to just unleash it all? I feel like it’s a detox in a way. For me to become my animal and lose myself, to throw her around, to attack her in a way. Hmm.

I enjoy the healing power of Collaring. It’s cathartic for me to leash her and cuddle her. I also enjoy Animal Roleplaying. She is my kitten and I lead her around, with her own special little bowl. I like the idea of having her as a pet. It’s a way to explore a whole other side of yourself, get  in touch with your animal instincts.


Orgasm Denial – see The Power of Orgasm Denial. She will be freed when I allow her to. I am in full control of her body.

Let’s explore some darker kinks of mine.

Incest. It unsettles, which is exciting. The gut is torn between a mixture of shame and arousal. Forbidden. Fruit.

The Teenage Girl Fantasy. You might think its a typical guy thing but for me, its so much more. It’s taking that innocence without being asked. It’s taking this temple, her body, and desecrating it with my adult body.

Degradation. This is under dark because, lets face it – it IS dark. Sometimes I just want to throw her up against a wall and demean her. Pull the rug out from under her feet, belittle her. I get a nasty streak in me to just devalue her existence before I cement her lower status by getting her to admit that she loves my cock.

And I’ll leave it there! I hope this leaves a lot of thoughts in all your heads – I hope they are slightly shameful but arousing all the same. We all need that darkness in there so today, explore it with me. What are some of your dark kinks? I’m intrigued.

Tomorrow’s kink – How did you discover you were kinky?


9 thoughts on “30 Days of Kink – Day #2: LIST YOUR KINKS

  1. Except for incest and teen girl, we share the same kink, though I’m sure that is not a complete list. Mine is rather long, as well. I’m a sadistic female which seems to be quite offputting to potential partners. But that’s ok. When you find the one who smiles at hearing that bit of news, the end result is…mmmm. 🙂


  2. I am not interested in the incest or teen thing, but I appreciate that some people think about it. Doing it is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! However, everything else makes me tingle. Safe, sane and consensual adult play should be fun and limitless, except for hard limits of course. 😘

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  3. Oh gosh – where to start?

    Degradation and humiliation are very major turn ons for me. To make her crawl naked on the floor and confess that she’s a whore, MY whore. Presenting herself is important.

    All of her orgasms are within my gift and my gift only. No touching, nothing, unless I instruct her. Forced multiple orgasms are nice too. Seeing the pain etching deeper and deeper into her as I make her masturbate in front of me.

    Whipping her legs and spanking her hard, followed by biting the wheals.

    Visiting our favourite dungeon and indulging in electric wand play on her nipples and clit in particular. Even better if she is being fucked by a machine or suspended from the ceiling.

    Helplessness in the face of bratty but futile resistance. Lovely.

    Forcing her to piss on a time schedule, wherever we are. Clothed.


  4. honestly new to this lifestyyle my dom is 41 im 25 and he has been doing this for years and its my first experince &i must say i dont want anymore vnilla


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