When To Force Submission


Do you know that moment in time when you say “Gosh, I really need that ______ (insert event)”?

Every once in a while, a Dominant needs to execute a forced submission on his lady. Think of it like a massage, only either brutal or tender or both.

There is magic there, it should be said. Magic when you caress her or bound her or act out a fantasy with her or mock rape her. You need to act out on her, assert your Dominance over her mind and soul and body. Leave a bruise.

Stagnation. It happens, despite your best intentions. It happens sooner or later, either coming in strong or just a teensy tiny bit. But lucky for you two, it takes two to tango and I know you can both dance because you wouldn’t be on this website would you?

Here’s what forced submission is to me: taking control. The scenario can change depending on the level of intensity but the key for me is to take control and have doing so.

Our lives…we can get so caught up being busy and run down we forget to look back and be our animal selves. Unless you’re a magic robot that can take care of everything straight away, maybe my words are useless. But for the average joes, I wanted to write this.


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