Questions? Seeking Advice? I’m always here… JULY EDITION

I’m constantly writing on this blog and things get buried on top of my musings and extreme fantasies. A lot of new people have started following me and I am still making the rounds and communicating and thanking, and seriously – thanking will never be enough but its all I CAN do really.

But newcomers might not be eased into my world and spirit and since my last QUESTIONS post was back in May (Where has this year gone?), I wanted to let the people that are new to my blog know that they are always welcome to ask a question, either in the comment section below or through my email, which is open 24/7. I’m happy to talk so long as you are happy to talk as well. If I can help, I will gladly help. If I can’t, I’ll do my best to try.

Other than that, my thanks goes out to each and every one of you. Its inspiring to know people are fighting past their minds to step into who they were meant to be. Its nice to know people enjoy my wacky erotica. (There’s more coming on the way, believe me)

Until my next post, take care and I hope this sees you all safe and happy 🙂



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